Colon Hydrotherapy Ocean Shores

If you’re looking for colon hydrotherapy, Vitalis Health Centre near Ocean Shores offers a holistic experience designed just for you.

It’s ironic that with today’s advanced health care, many of us suffer from low energy and libido, foggy mind, and a range of digestive problems such as gas and constipation, along with various skin eruptions.

However, when you consider the lifestyles that many of us lead, it’s no surprise at all. Eating junk food, inadequate exercise, constant stress and insufficient sleep all take their toll on our bodies, especially our digestive systems. The result is a colon clogged with impacted feces, mucus and yeasts such as candida.

This kind of colon can’t efficiently assimilate vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and is a haven for parasites. Fortunately, there’s a fast, safe and effective solution. Colon hydrotherapy, Ocean Shores way, cleans out your digestive system and restores balance and tone.

Colon Hydrotherapy Ocean Shores

At Vitalis Health Centre we realise each of our patients is unique. That’s why we formulate a unique colon hydrotherapy program for each of you in a holistic treatment environment. From the crystal bed you’ll rest on to the essential oils that infuse the room to the mandalas moving on the wall, we create a complete healing experience.

Meanwhile we employ a low water volume form of colonic hydrotherapy that is far more comfortable than traditional methods. And a key part of our hydrotherapy is the accompanying massage regimen.

We massage your abdomen with essential oils to ensure the water effectively reaches all part of your colon and works to dislodge impurities. We also offer accompanying hand and foot reflexology to enhance the detoxification process.

Through our gentle yet thorough treatments, your body expels toxins and accumulated poisons, you colon gets toned up, and often negative emotions are released. We closely monitor your reaction to the hydrotherapy, which allows us to adjust our procedures as needed. If we notice a high volume of candida being ejected for example, we can focus on dealing with that.

If you feel you could benefit from our treatment, get in touch with Vitalis Health Centre in Murwillumbah today. We provide the highest quality colon hydrotherapy near Ocean Shores.

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