Colonic irrigation Alstonville

If you’re a victim of the modern lifestyle, you could benefit from colonic irrigation. Alstonville residents can visit Vitalis Health Centre for a cleansing session that will help restore your inner balance and natural vitality.

Through improper diet and sluggish elimination, our digestive systems become clogged up with dead cells, mucus, parasites, impacted feces and other toxins. The common result is low energy levels, mood swing, a foggy mind, and various problems such as gas, excess weight and poor skin.

One fast and effective solution is through colonic irrigation.  Vitalis Health near Alstonville offers safe and effective colonic treatments to help detox your system and allow you to regain your natural vitality.

Colonics Programs Just for You

Here at Vitalis Health Centre we design a detox program tailored for you. We understand that everyone is different, and take into account your current condition when planning your session. Our colonics use the minimum amount of water for comfort.

What You Can Expect

We turn your colonic irrigation into a real holistic experience. Once you lay down on our crystal bed, we help you relax and shed bad energy by projecting moving mandala patterns on the wall while suffusing your treatment room with relaxing essential oils.

A key component of our colonic therapy is massage. We gently but deeply massage your abdomen with essential oils to ensure the water inside is working on all parts of your digestive system. At the same time, we carry out hand and foot reflexology to assist the cleansing process.

Meanwhile, we closely monitor what’s being expelled from your digestive system. This allows us to adjust our treatment to address any specific problem.

The overall effect is to rejuvenate and stimulate the colon and massage its reflex points to help restore its original tone and shape. You end up with a healthy colon that efficiently absorbs nutrients and expels waste. Moreover, it is an environment hostile to candida and other parasites that can make your life miserable.

If you’ve decided you want the finest colonic irrigation, get in touch with Vitalis Health Centre near Alstonville and we’ll be happy to explain to you exactly what we do and how you’ll benefit. You just need to be over 15 and not suffering from any serious medical condition.

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