Customer Referral Program

Are you one of our happy customers? If yes, then you probably have told your friends about us.

It is natural, we all do it when we come across something we love. In this case, we never care about if we make money or get some other benefit from sharing. We are just inspired and want our friends to experience the same joy and great feeling we experienced.

Because we really appreciate that referral from you, we want to give something back in return.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s no strings attached.

Get $10 towards your next colonic for every new customer you send to us.

Just tell them to mention your name when they come to see us and we put a credit note on your file.

If you refer 5 friends you have a credit of $50 which you can use towards your colonic.

And don’t worry, if you travel the world and come back in 2 years’ time all the referral $$ will be in your account waiting for you.

This program is for existing customers only, otherwise, how can you truly know how good we are?
Referral $$ are not transferable.
Referral credits will expire if you haven’t been to the clinic for 5 years – which we hope never happens as this would make us sad cry

I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional experience I had at the clinic. Throughout my life, I have undergone numerous colonics, but none were like yours. Your team of highly skilled professionals demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the human body, ensuring an optimal and healing experience. I wholeheartedly intend to continue recommending your services to others, as the benefits I experienced were truly remarkable. I must admit, it would be absolutely fantastic if you could establish a branch in the Sunshine Coast area. This way, I would no longer have to endure long travels, and more individuals could benefit from your outstanding services.

Gregory D., Tweed Heads

Our visits to the clinic have consistently been delightful experiences. Whether it’s my individual appointments or those with my husband, we’ve encountered various practitioners, all of whom have left us thoroughly satisfied. Their gentle and thorough approach, coupled with their professionalism and wealth of information, make each visit a positive one. We wholeheartedly recommend this clinic to all our friends, knowing they’ll also receive excellent care and support.

Heather B., Murwillumbah

I had the pleasure of experiencing exceptional service during my recent visit for colonics. Your skilled and empathetic practitioner went above and beyond to ensure my comfort as it was my first time. The warm and welcoming demeanour instantly put me at ease, creating a serene environment that allowed me to fully relax and embrace the treatment. I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall well-being. I am immensely grateful for the transformative experience I had at your Clinic and wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone seeking an effective and rejuvenating cleanse.

Caely R., Kingscliff

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