Can our bodies be influenced by color and light

An exploration into Color/Light Therapy and other alternative treatments.

Many alternative treatments are connecting patients and practitioners though a shared journey. The practitioner acting more as a guide than a treatment provider.

Colour / Light Therapy

Colour light therapy works on a number of levels to bring about wellness by rebalancing the flow of energy throughout the body. This is done by shining light directly onto acupressure points or meridians in the body. The coloured light is dispersed through highly accurate lenses.

Practitioners assist patients with de-stressing the body using various techniques with the goal of achieving a relaxed state of being. As only in this relaxed state can the healing process penetrate our energy field and unblock stagnant energy. Helping the body to heal itself.

Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing is another modality that deals with energy meridians in the body and its primary goal is to unblock these energy intersections and allow energy to flow freely through the body.

It is the crystals themselves that poses the healing power according to advocates of this practice. The value that the health giver adds is knowing what crystals will heal what type of malady. There fore many practicioners of this modality will poses numerous crystals all with there own distinct healing ability.

The most common treatments are energy grid vitality treatments or grounding treatments. This is where crystals based on colour and metaphysical quality are placed above or below the body in alignment with charkas or meridians which in turn allows for the development of healing energy fields. Which in turn heal the body of illness and malady.

Flower & Gem Essences

Flower Essences are considered to be alive, like humans, a living energetic force. The core of this modality requires the gathering and storage of a living plant’s biological imprint. It’s vibration. This vibration in turn is stored in water and then the patient ingests the solution by taking it orally under the tongue or applying it topically.

Different to other plant based remedies like essential oils, these solutions carry a minimum of biological or chemical material but still harness the sacred energies of the flower's essences in the vibrations imprinted within the preservative mixture.

The energy of the flower, vibrating at its own special frequency enters the energy field of a person and harmonizes with it creating a state of being that brings the bodies resonance in line with that of the remedy. This harmonization is said to bring forth change in the bodies energy field, unblock pathways and create an environment in the body for healing to take place.

Colour Light Therapy

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