Flotation/Isolation Therapy, Sound/Music Therapy

Flotation/Isolation Therapy

Flotation or Isolation is all about combining sensory depravation with meditation.. It is said that by keeping the bodies senses in check and floating lifelessly in a lightless, soundproof environment; one can achieve clarity about what ails the mind, body and spirit.

Sound/Music Therapy

Music Therapy is employed by therapists and practitioners for the purpose of assisting patients with physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual impairments. This non-threatening musical therapy is flexible and can be applied by the practitioner with the intention of creating and associating positive responses to previously unsurmountable health issues.

This supportive music applied by therapists in a healing environment can correct and bring back into balance behavioural issues that are not working for patients. Further they enhance the therapists ability to build rapport with the patient, inturn providing the necessary trust for the patients to take positive steps in the treatment of their illness or malady.

The Music therapy practitioner adopts a variety of techniques including active participating in the making of music, relaxation with music, movement to music and song-writing.

Sound or Music Therapy

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"The colonics at Vitalis are just the best. I love the attention, caring and pampering experience. From the ayurvedic belly massage to the hand and foot reflexology and the ever so gentle flow of water. The depth of release I experience on all levels every time is incredible. Being a yoga teacher I like to treat my body as a temple and internal cleansing will always be part of this."

Suzi S., Byron Bay

“The level of service you provide is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism. And I love flying in from Germany to see you. Thank you!”

Inge Lorenz, Germany

The colonic was one of the best experience I’ve ever had. Ela was absolutely fantastic. She is very gentle and really professional. I was feeling at ease knowing I was in perfect hands at that time. Later on I was given some good advice about a liver cleanse.

Stephanie M., Tweed Heads