Three Brits argue over why British beer is the best – so they send a sample for testing

Three Brits are sitting around a fire, singing, laughing and drinking beer. One of them takes a good long swig, then holds up the bottle to admire it.

“You know why British lager is the best in the world?” he says. “It’s because we age it in barrels of fine oak.” “It gives it that unique flavour that you won’t find anywhere else!” “Ha! Come off it!” his friend says. “Oak barrels? What a load of rubbish.” “Everyone knows that British beer is the best in the world because English soil grows the best wheat.” “That’s what gives it that rich, flavoursome body!”

The third chimes in, “I don’t know what you two have been told, but I happen to know that British beer is the best in the world because of the fine hops used.” They all argue back and forth, and because it’s late in the night, it starts getting heated. Then one of them stands up and says, “Lads! Lads! We can spend all night arguing… or, we can actually find out what really makes British beer the best.” “Lets get a sample and send it off to a lab for testing. Then we will know for sure!” Everyone agrees that this is a great idea, so they put some of the beer in a jar, wrap it in a parcel and post it off to the lab.

A week later, two of the lads are sitting around the fire again when the third comes running along, waving a letter in his hands. “Look lads! We got the results back!” They open the letter and read: Dear Sirs, We ran extensive tests on your sample. The results show normal liver and kidney function, acceptable blood sugar levels and no signs of infection. We are pleased to report that your horse is in excellent health.

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