In the 90’s Lady Di popularized colonics as a secret health treatment that kept her skin looking vibrant and youthful.

Now many celebrities have embraced this age old secret to good health and a youthful appearance. Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Courtney Love, Andie Macdowell, Janet Jackson, Cindy Crawford, Beyonce and Liv Tyler

Why our colonics are a cut above our competitors:

Here at Vitalis we put your safety first.
Most colonic technicians only do between 1-5 days (open system) or 5-10 days (closed system) training before they start working.

Our practitioners are trained for 11-month (760hrs) in a full-time Gold Standard Colon Hydrotherapy Course. Just as you would expect from any professionally trained therapist. We also require our therapists to participate in ongoing training, so they are always up to the newest standards.

In our clinic, we pride ourselves on providing Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy which is not available anywhere else. Every session with us you get:

  • Practitioners trained in the Gold Standard of Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Herbal extract in the water to relax the nervous system
  • Ozonated water to help with microbes
  • Gentle water flow using less water than a gravity-style machine
  • In-depth wellbeing consultation
  • Hydration measurement
  • Vagus stimulation
  • Modulation of parasympathetic activity
  • Advanced Belly massage techniques
  • Hand and Foot Reflexology
  • Acupressure
  • Ayurvedic marma point stimulation
  • Light Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Crystal Therapy Bed
  • Poopology diagnostic
  • Minimum 50 minutes on the machine for a thorough cleanse
  • Plenty of time for a relaxed session
  • Free aftercare service

Plus we have been around since 2001 

We use very little water (no overstretching or damage to the colon) which is one of the major issues with most colonic systems.

If you ever had a colonic where you felt your belly is getting filled till you think you can’t take anymore you’ve already done damage to your colon. A colonic should never be painful or uncomfortable for that matter. Most colons are already overstretched and do not need any more stress.

When you lie down on our specially designed crystal bed, watch the calming forest and smell the essential oils diffused from our ionizer, you will feel relaxed and at ease. Our color healing lamp works on your aura and supports all organ systems during the session.

Through our gentle massage technique with specialized CPTG essential oils, we can move the water all around the colon in the first session and start cleaning out waste pockets while relaxing the belly. Foot and hand reflexology during the session, as well as stimulation of key acupressure and ayurvedic marma points, help to further relax and release more waste. We also look at the poopology (what your bowel movements say about your health) and can see what is going on emotionally and physically by what is coming out. If there are any digestive problems, candida, parasites or old seated emotions that are released, it can be addressed.

The vagus nerve makes up 75% of the fibers in the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), the part of our autonomic nervous system that allows us to have better sleep, mental calm, and tranquility. When we nourish and improve the “tone” of our vagus nerve we enjoy greater contentment and ability to connect, less pain and anxiety, and improved sleep patterns and digestion.
During our session, we will stimulate the vagus nerve, and improve vagal tone via auricular vagus nerve stimulation. This modulates the parasympathetic activity of the body inhibiting detrimental sympatho-dominant processes, improves peripheral perfusion due to decreased sympathetic activity, and reduces over-inflammation.

All our sessions use an herbal extract and liquid ozone in the water to help with microbes and relax the nervous system and the colon.

For best results, we like to give at least 50 minutes on the machine to ensure a thorough cleanse.

After the session, we give you advice and information on what to do next to achieve your health goal based on what happened during the session. We will work together with you in a pace and manner that feels good for you.

Having done colonics for over 20 years we can honestly say that we know what we are doing. Many of our clients nearly fall asleep on the table and the comment: “This was so relaxing and completely different” is not uncommon.

We also offer free aftercare service. So if you have any questions later you can always call/email.

 from $190 from  Cost for Colonics in Murwillumbah:

We see clients from Tweed Heads, Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, Brunswick Heads, Ballina, Lismore, Nimbin and all other regions down to Coffs Harbour, as well as Kingscliffe, Coolangatta, Elanora, Burleigh Heads, Miami, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

The first session: 90 min from $190
this includes the colonic, a wellbeing consultation, hydration measurement, iridology, reflexology, acupressure and ayurvedic belly massage (Nabhi), Vagus nerve stimulation and parasympathetic nervous system balancing, herbal extracts, as well as poopology (what your bowel movements say about your health).
For more serious health conditions we ask you to book the first session with an extended consultation 120 min

Get the most out of your cleanse by having a few treatments closer together with your first session:
Pay for 3 sessions and get $30 off  (use within 6 weeks)
Pay for 6 sessions and get $60 off  (use within 12 weeks)

Follow-up session: 75 min from $160
this includes the colonic, progress tracking, hydration measurement, reflexology, acupressure and ayurvedic belly massage (Nabhi), Vagus nerve stimulation and parasympathetic nervous system balancing, herbal extracts, as well as poopology (what your bowel movements say about your health).
Buy a 4-pack  and get $40 off (use within 4 months)
If you know you need or want a longer follow-up session you can book an additional 15 minutes for $30

BASIC follow-up sessions*: 55 min from $99
This follow-up colonic is a basic colonic with belly massage and poopology
Optional Add-On: reflexology, acupressure and herbal extract in the water.
NO consultation, NO progress tracking, NO Vagus nerve stimulation, NO Parasympathetic NS balancing and NO hydration measure.

Before your Colonics session:

Please read our Colonic FAQ

After your Colonics:

please give us feedback

Vitalis is the very best colonic center I have ever had sessions with. Everybody is very caring, informative, and educational in all health matters and I learned so much. The belly massages are wonderful and deep and make the bowels move more quickly. The clinic exudes an atmosphere of well-being and professionalism.  The whole ambiance made me feel calm, relaxed and uplifted. I am looking forward to my next colonics there.

Kaya P., Mullumbimby

The first time I had a colonic at Vitalis Health last year. I have had several sessions since then. I found all the practitioners to be very calm and reassuring. I was kind of nervous, but with their obvious expertise in giving Colonics I soon settled down to ‘working with the processes’. I got insights into my health as well as helpful suggestions for what to do to improve myself on this level. I would recommend Vitalis to anyone who is interested in cleansing on a deep level, and taking it a step further with their in-depth knowledge of this modality of healing.

Lisa K., Casuarina

My treatment was amazing and all the practitioners I met at the clinic are very dedicated to healing. I used to be a skeptic, but now I’m a full-blown colonic enthusiast! I felt like a phoenix rising from the ashes during the session. If you’re searching for that extra spark in life, this is it. It’s an exhilarating journey to wellness! I would highly recommend Vitalis to anybody who wants to go deeper in their healing journey.

Frank L, Bangalow

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