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We are specializing in internal cleansing and detoxification since 1998.

In our naturopathic health consultation, we will address all your health concerns and help you find solutions that suit your lifestyle and budget.

Norman Walker was probably the one to popularize internal cleansing for the mainstream and Hulda Clark with her book “Cure for all diseases” brought greater awareness to the importance of parasite issues, liver flushing, kidney and blood cleansing.

We have worked with the Hulda Clark Protocols since 1996 and understand the ups and downs of the detoxification processes.
Our training in Ayurveda, Acupressure, Reflexology, Iridology and Naturopathy allows us to take a holistic approach and address every case individually.

We believe that everybody can achieve optimum health through simple proven methods:

  • Clean the colon with colonics, enemas and herbs
  • Clean the kidneys, liver & gallbladder and the blood
  • Eliminate parasites
  • Remove heavy metals & environmental toxin,
  • Alkalize and increase oxygen throughout the system
  • Improve nutrition through diet

Please note that we are not a general Naturopath but we specialize in digestive-related issues.

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