Magnesium, essential to life on every level.

Magnesium is more than a health supplement, it is essential to life on every level, and there are many ways of getting the right amount in the proper form.

Everyone knows that eating your greens gives us the iron and minerals that our body needs, or drinking milk gives us calcium for strong bones and teeth. We were told this over and over again as children. Sadly, our busy lifestyles prohibit the most straightforward healthy food choices. More often we eat away from home and what is good for us is in direct competition with what is convenient. Therefore, to accommodate our busy lifestyle, we take multivitamins and drink colored, flavored water at high cost, loaded up with the nutrients our bodies need.

Billion dollar corporations have emerged merely because of advances in technology which have given us the ability to refine, suspend and produce mineral supplements with high potency, doing our bodies good. The good news is that supplements are getting better and better at assisting our bodies physiological functionality. Because getting enough minerals in our diet, is easier said, than done.

Magnesium is one of the critical components needed by our bodies to maintain balanced electrical function and acts as a stabilizer for most enzymes crucial to our metabolic state. Our cells, bone matter, and tissue are all made up with Magnesium as the vital component. All forms of life, plant or animal depend on the miracle of magnesium. It is an excellent metabolizer and assists with the functionality and absorption of many of the essential minerals needed by our bodies like zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, sodium and the list continues. Magnesium is the vital ingredient for life on our planet and deficiency can cause a variety of ailments.  The physical integrity of Enzymes in our body is supported by magnesium. Every chemical reaction in our body is stimulated by these code specific protein molecules, that carry the genetic information that makes up our DNA. In short, magnesium is an essential ingredient of good health.

What we know about the function of Magnesium in the body

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Science tells us that magnesium is a regulator, crucial for the stability of red blood cell membranes.  It stimulates oxygen and helps combine it with proteins, promoting entry into the smallest capillaries. An essential process to good microcirculation. In the same way, white corpuscles are assisted by magnesium, increasing our ability to fight off infection.Mag-nificence-spray 

Magnesium is also known to support our brain, our nervous system, and our endocrinal function. It does this by assisting the pituitary gland when releasing hormones from the hypothalamus. This, in turn, promotes healthy levels of estrogen and progesterone. Magnesium levels are essential for the stable production of a variety of elements in the body including adrenaline, glutathione, DHEA and melatonin. All critical to the bodies ability to heal, rest and rejuvenate. Neurological function is critically linked to healthy levels of magnesium.

Studies have shown that magnesium deficiency is at the root of most renal failure. The use of magnesium supplements in the treatment of cancer patients reduces the lousy side effects of chemo and radiotherapies.  Magnesium’s role as a DNA stabilizer is crucial to lowering carcinogenesis.

Exposure to toxins on every level is dealt with by the synthesis of element glutathione in the body. It is a primary defense mechanism against nearly every invader the body has. That includes smoke from cigarettes and any number of other toxins, from alcohol to cleaning products. The potent boost provided from magnesium is the critical element in the production of Glutathione. It could be said that Magnesium is the catalyst for the detoxification process and without it, detoxification is not possible.

Every athlete is aware of the effects that a substantial loss of magnesium has on their body. Magnesium has the power to relax muscles and reduce lactic acid. It also can increase circulation when combined with heat, thus drawing inflammation out of muscle tissue and joints and helping the body to dispose of unwanted toxins and acid. It is common knowledge that toxin and acid build up are at the root of most muscle pain and stiffness.

The dangers of Magnesium deficiencies are well documented. Our bodies ability to absorb magnesium decreases after severe injury or illness, a time when we need the benefits of magnesium the most. Other health treatments like fluoride treatments for our teeth lead to deficiencies, clashing with the magnesium, causing a reduction in enzymatic activity.  Specifically, the production of glutathione and superoxide dismutase, which as previously mentioned support a healthy immune system.

Which magnesium is the best?


Using magnesium will improve the function of our immune system and strengthen our cells, but this cannot be substituted for living a healthy lifestyle.  Everyone knows that coffee and sugar are bad for us, we all know that stress and trauma reduce our ability to heal. Always do your best to help your body with assimilation, by living well, it is that simple.

There are two primary ways of getting the amount of magnesium that our bodies need, externally through creams, sprays, and gels and orally through food, tablets, powders, and liquids. Research is pointing us towards using both methods for optimum health.

Internally, magnesium is assimilated after our stomach acid has broken it down and dependant on your health and age the amount of magnesium that can be absorbed and utilized varies. Younger people have more stomach acid than older people, so they are better able to absorb the magnesium ions. This means they get more of there magnesium through food sources, leaving older people to supplement their oral dosages with transdermal applications.

Externally, we absorb magnesium through our skin quickly and effectively.

The transdermal method of absorption has the added benefit of our bodies natural safety mechanisms, that halt absorption when a sufficient dosage has been reached. In a daily use regime, our skin has a magic equilibrium and knows when we have taken in as much as we need.

Magnesium is a wonderful addition to your bath, absorbed through the epidermis using magnesium flakes you can be sure you are doing your body right. Remember our bodies use magnesium every day to support demand from the tissue cells of our skin, muscle, hair, and bones.

Magnificence is a line of transdermal magnesium products produced to help you achieve homeostasis, assisting the natural rejuvenating powers of your body. Reward yourself with a magnesium blitz, gel, spray or flakes, get the benefits of magnesium by a company known for its quality health products, the AIM company.

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