Colonic Testimonials

We want to thank everybody for their wonderful testimonials that we receive in so many ways every week, many just in some quick words of gratitude.  We love our work and take great pride in what we do and how we do it. Our greatest joy and reward is to be of service and see our clients improve.

I loved my experience. I honestly thought it was fantastic and have highly recommended your service to friends.

I found the practioner to be genuin and highly educated. Calm and considerate during treatment and made me feel relaxed as it was my 1st time. I have nothing I can think of that could of made the actual appointment better. My practioner did give me loads of helpful advice during my session. I think you have a lovely establishment and is pretty much perfect.

The biggest improvement with in myself I found I had more colour back in my face. I have low iron levels and trying to address these but after just 1 service, more energy and healthier complexion.
Thank you so much. Looking forward to my next visit.

Beth M., Tumbulgum

I’ve been visiting Vitalis Health for colonics for more than five years now, and I cannot stress enough how much this treatment has improved my health. I believe it’s a gift that one can give to themselves. 🙏🏽✨

Previously, I used to experience severe premenstrual symptoms, but everything changed after my first colonic treatment here. During the session, the practitioner discovered undigested corn that had been sitting in my colon for a long time. Since I followed their advice to remove it from my diet, my periods have become normal. Every month, during my period, the toxicity of the corn would exacerbate the inflammation, causing me a lot of pain. No doctor had ever suggested this before.

It’s truly been a life-changing experience for me.

Solange M-C., Brisbane

I had the opportunity to experience my inaugural colon irrigation session at this clinic, and I must admit I was initially a tad apprehensive, as anyone would be. However, my worries were quickly dispelled when I met their practitioner who exuded a warm and soothing demeanor. They patiently walked me through the entire process, addressing any concerns I had and actively contributing to my overall relaxation. The results were truly remarkable, leaving me feeling absolutely fantastic. So much so, in fact, that I eagerly made a follow-up appointment for next week, right after a fast. Reflecting on this experience, I can’t help but express gratitude for the serendipitous encounter with this clinic, which has undoubtedly proven to be a life-enhancing gift from the universe itself.

Dale B., Tyalgum

So happy to have had my first session at this clinic, where the practitioners have been expertly trained to offer impeccable professionalism and sensitivity in this gentle but profound modality that supports me in maintaining optimal health. With so much now understood about the effect of gut health on all body systems, as well as mental and emotional well-being, it is reassuring to be in the hands of those continuing to study this expanding field and able to offer additional nutritional support and expertise. I have had many colonics over the years, and truly gifted practitioners are rare. I am grateful and highly recommend their warmth and respectful care.

Nirado G., Mullumbimby

I was introduced to this clinic by a friend some time ago, and I wish I had come sooner. The initial hesitation surrounding procedures involving tubes and the potential for unpleasant outcomes made me slightly apprehensive. However, the practitioner alleviated any concerns and made me feel incredibly comfortable throughout the entire process. Now, I can confidently state that I will become a devoted and regular visitor to this clinic. The practitioner’s extensive expertise and enthusiasm was very uplifting. Not only did she provide me with valuable advice, but she also addressed crucial aspects that were unfortunately missing from the recommendations of my oncologist. I extend my heartfelt gratitude and look forward to my next visit.

Chris D., Pumpenbil

I loved my experience at the Clinic. It was truly exceptional. I felt a deep sense of nurturing and genuine care throughout my visit, which was especially important given the emotionally challenging nature of the experience for me. The practitioner exhibited extensive knowledge and skill, consistently keeping me well-informed about the procedures and their relevance to my well-being.
I found the abdominal massage, soothing music, and reflexology to be particularly enjoyable and beneficial. I am eager to return for another session, as it has been instrumental in supporting me to go into the depths of deep healing and happiness. Thanks again for a great experience.

Jodi R., Mullumbimby

I have had the privilege of experiencing the exceptional skills of the practitioners in this clinic and I have to say that I would go nowhere else ever for this service. All practitioners have created a space of nurture, security, warmth, and care through what would otherwise be an uncomfortable experience. Their gentleness and massage through the whole process leave me much more able to release and let go. I also appreciate their wisdom in how to work with my gut, which has enabled some great changes in my overall health. Highly recommend it, and I’m truly grateful for their expertise and care.

Jacqueline B-D., Ocean Shores

Each visit to this clinic has been a truly enlightening experience. The practitioner’s extensive knowledge and expertise are evident, and I’ve found that with every appointment, I gain valuable insights into my health. It’s not just about receiving a service; it’s about learning and understanding more about my well-being. This approach sets this clinic apart, making it a place where you not only receive care but also the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and make informed choices about your health. I highly value the learning aspect of my visits here, and I’m grateful for the practitioner’s guidance in my journey towards better health.

Susan S, Brunswick Heads

I had an extraordinary experience at the clinic! From the moment I stepped through the door, the practitioner made me feel completely at ease and ensured that I was well taken care of throughout my visit. They willingly shared and explained information, tailoring it to my level of understanding. It was my first time at this clinic for a colonic, and despite having undergone 30 colonics previously, I had never encountered such a comprehensive and holistic approach before. I truly regret not discovering this Clinic earlier! Without a doubt, I enthusiastically recommend a visit to this clinic for anyone seeking optimal well-being.

Nancy G., Sheffield

The practitioners at this clinic are highly knowledgeable and experienced in various aspects. They take a holistic approach to their work, staying constantly informed about advancements in colon and gut health. With over 20 years of experience and a genuine passion for this work, the clinic truly stands out. I searched extensively to find therapists of this caliber and feel fortunate to have found them here. The clinic is impeccably clean and well-equipped for comfort. It’s no surprise that they are in high demand, and I highly recommend booking a session here. Thanks to the practitioner for her exceptional care.

Kate W., Byron Bay

Having colonics at this clinic, particularly with the practitioner and their well-trained team, has been a revelation. The level of care and sensitivity they provide, along with the incredible and intuitive belly massage, reflexology, and hand massage during the colonic, allowed me to relax and let the practitioner and my body do the work.

What I found particularly fascinating is that depending on what was eliminated during the colonic, they could discern whether it was related to stress, candida, liver issues, kidney issues, and more. It’s been an eye-opening and informative experience that has greatly contributed to my overall well-being.

Cindy C., Myocum

I had a wonderful experience at the Clinic. I was greeted with warm smiles and a sense of genuine care. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the soothing massage that accompanied the therapy, but the practitioner also took the time to provide a detailed explanation of the entire process, ensuring that I felt informed and comfortable throughout. The booking process was incredibly practical and hassle-free, adding to the overall convenience of my visit. The professionalism exhibited by the clinic’s team was outstanding, and their friendly demeanor created an inviting and welcoming atmosphere that instantly put me at ease.

Rasarani G., Eungella

The care I’ve received at this clinic has been truly outstanding. It’s not just about the expertise, although that’s certainly a big part of it; it’s also about the genuine respect and the comfortable environment they provide. They are not just skilled but also deeply respectful and caring. I wholeheartedly give them a rating of five stars plus, as they’ve consistently gone above and beyond in ensuring I receive the best care possible. If you’re looking for exceptional care that combines expertise, respect, and comfort, this clinic is the place to go.

Ilze J., Murwillumbah

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the service at this clinic. It strikes a perfect balance between professionalism and friendliness. The practitioners are highly skilled and knowledgeable, but they also make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. The setup is pleasant, creating a welcoming and calming atmosphere that contributes to an overall good experience. It’s the kind of place where you know you’re in capable hands, and you can leave feeling not just better physically but also uplifted by the positive and friendly environment they provide.

Judith H., Clothiers Creek

How can you rate personal service in a clinical environment? I guess only by your past experiences. In comparison, this was a grand experience. The clinic was well-maintained and state-of-the-art. The practitioner was professional, clear, calm, and extremely knowledgeable about so many aspects of health. She took time to address health questions before we started and made me aware of a number of issues I had not considered. Overall, I would be glad to recommend Vitalis Health as a quality provider. Thanks, Vitalis! You changed my life.

Noel W., Sydney

The experience I had at the clinic was wonderful. Throughout the colonic session, the practitioner’s expertise and attentiveness were evident as she guided me through the process, ensuring my comfort and well-being at all times. Her valuable advice and suggestions resonated with me, and I have already started implementing them into my daily routine, witnessing remarkable improvements in my overall health and vitality. The day after the colonic, I felt an incredible sense of rejuvenation, both physically and mentally. I look forward to my improving health journey with you.

Michael L., Murwillumbah

I was extremely pleased with the exceptional service I received at the clinic, so much so that I immediately scheduled my next three appointments. The expertise, attentiveness, and comfortable environment provided by the staff have yielded remarkable outcomes after my initial colonic session. I have noticed significant improvements in my sleep, breathing, digestion, and even flexibility during yoga. These tangible results have instilled in me a great sense of confidence and enthusiasm for future treatments, as I eagerly anticipate further advancements in my overall health and well-being.

Andrew C., Banana Point

I arrived at the clinic feeling exhausted, hoping for relief from the persistent stabbing pain on my right side. The practitioner welcomed me warmly and guided me through the entire process. The practitioner knew exactly what my body needed and even took more time because my body needed it. To my immense joy, the excruciating pain never returned. I am incredibly grateful to the practitioner for their skillful approach, which brought me such tremendous success and relief. Truly the best I’ve encountered. Thank you so much!

Barbara B., Wandarie

I just wanted to send you a thank you email as the candida diet you suggested seems to be working! You are the only person, out of many many (even naturopaths), that suggested candida as the possible problem…you’re an angel!! All your suggestions have been so welcome and have helped me to tackle this problem with another mind! Thank you so much for replying to my emails and all your advice – it is much appreciated. once again, I appreciate your listening ear and time! I will defenitely continue on my gut and parasite cleanse.

Rebecca B., Brisbane

The first time I had a colonic at Vitalis Health last year. I have had several sessions since then. I found all the practitioners to be very calm and reassuring. I was kind of nervous, but with their obvious expertise in giving Colonics I soon settled down to ‘working with the processes’. I got insights into my health as well as helpful suggestions for what to do to improve myself on this level. I would recommend Vitalis to anyone who is interested in cleansing on a deep level, and taking it a step further with their in-depth knowledge of this modality of healing.

Lisa K., Casuarina

I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional experience I had at the clinic. Throughout my life, I have undergone numerous colonics, but none were like yours. Your team of highly skilled professionals demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the human body, ensuring an optimal and healing experience. I wholeheartedly intend to continue recommending your services to others, as the benefits I experienced were truly remarkable. I must admit, it would be absolutely fantastic if you could establish a branch in the Sunshine Coast area. This way, I would no longer have to endure long travels, and more individuals could benefit from your outstanding services.

Gregory D., Tweed Heads

OMG! I just emptied my gallbladder! Yesterday I completed my fourth liver and gallbladder cleanse. The results were nothing short of spectacular. I passed scores of gallbladder stones as big as peas and larger.
I’m 40 years old and I see this as a turning point in my life.

The first three times, there were some stones passed, but not so many. Much of what I passed was an emerald green gel-like substance. This is probably the stuff that was saturating my fatty liver. Plus extra bonus – I lost 3 kg during the week. Needless to say I feel absolutely fantastic! Thank you.

Peter J., Brisbane

From the moment I stepped into their premises, I felt like I had been transported to the vibrant atmosphere of Miami Beach. The clinic’s interior exuded a charming and inviting ambiance that instantly put me at ease. The staff were professional, friendly, and genuinely passionate about promoting holistic well-being. The attention to detail and the high standard of hygiene observed at the clinic were remarkable. I left feeling rejuvenated, with a renewed sense of vitality and a deep appreciation for the care and expertise provided by the clinic’s team. I am looking forward to coming back.

Harry P, Lismore

I had the pleasure of experiencing exceptional service during my recent visit for colonics. Your skilled and empathetic practitioner went above and beyond to ensure my comfort as it was my first time. The warm and welcoming demeanour instantly put me at ease, creating a serene environment that allowed me to fully relax and embrace the treatment. I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall well-being. I am immensely grateful for the transformative experience I had at your Clinic and wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone seeking an effective and rejuvenating cleanse.

Caely R., Kingscliff

For many years I had visited doctors for my abdominal and back pain, headaches, mood swings, lethargy, flatulence, belching, weight, cravings, itchy anus, lack of sleep, anxiety and chronic constipation.

I finally went on the Gut and Parasite cleanse and started to feel lighter, happier, less belching, gas, bloating, and more energy. After a few weeks I lost 3 kilos, my appetite had decreased and I seemed to want to drink more water. The pain in my joints had gone completely.

I’m now doing yearly parasite cleanses and have never looked back.

Debra S., Beechmont Qld

My experience at Vitalis Health was the start of a remarkable turnaround in my health. I had been hesitant to take the first step and unsure about the right direction, having found no success with conventional medicine. I wish I had come here sooner. The gentle manner and understanding of the practitioner created a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. She is also generous with her time and knowledge, and her holistic approach to health is invaluable. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking improved well-being.

Terrina L., Tweed Heads

Before I started the gut repair program my bowel movements where irregular and not well-formed. The gut and parasite cleanse was helpful and improved my brain fog and energy, but I felt that I needed more. I’m so glad I did the gut repair program because I now have great bowel motions and can digest my food better.

My husband and I did this 4-week journey together. I noticed the whites of his eyes change from a yellowish color to a brighter white and his skin is clearer.

Jane C., Byron Bay

During my visit to the clinic, I experienced an incredible transformation. The practitioner took the time to listen to my concerns and provided personalized care throughout the entire session. The treatment itself was gentle and rejuvenating, leaving me feeling lighter and more energized. I am filled with deep gratitude for the healing journey I embarked on at the clinic. I am looking forward to my next visit, knowing that it will bring me even closer to a state of optimum health and vitality.

Branden B., Ocean Shores

I am beyond happy with the exceptional service I received at the clinic. My recent appointment surpassed all my expectations, especially when compared to my previous colonic experience at another clinic. From the moment I arrived, I felt comfortable and completely card for throughout the whole procedure. I greatly appreciated how every aspect was thoroughly explained to me. The stomach massage was an absolute delight, providing an additional level of relaxation and well-being. I am really looking forward to my upcoming appointment.

Najeya S., Burringbar

The practitioner at this clinic is very knowledgeable and experienced in colon and gut health. Over our four-week cleanse, she was able to provide significant help to both my wife and me. She has equipped us with valuable tools to continue on our journey toward better health, and we eagerly anticipate working with her during this transition. I wholeheartedly recommend the clinic to anyone dealing with health issues, no matter their size, as addressing gut health can have surprising benefits for various symptoms.

Mathew D., Kingscliff

I had an exceptionally gentle, comforting, and rewarding experience during my visit. After the treatment, I enjoyed a better night’s sleep than I have in a long time. The practitioner was not only kind and thoughtful but also highly informative throughout the colonic treatment. Additionally, I greatly appreciated the flexibility in scheduling, allowing for an adjusted, earlier appointment time. Overall, I consider this cleanse at Vitalis Health to be truly life-changing, and I extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire team.

Chris W., Reserve Creek

I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the best colonic treatment at this clinic. The professionals here possess healing hands and a vast knowledge base that’s truly exceptional. Their expertise and skill are unlike any other I’ve encountered. It’s more than just a treatment; it’s a holistic and transformative journey that has had a profoundly positive impact on my well-being. I feel incredibly fortunate to have experienced their level of professionalism, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking exceptional care.

Graeme B., Sydney

The practitioners at this clinic are highly experienced and compassionate, and I have complete trust in their ability to provide healing and support. My experiences here have consistently been relaxing and deeply cleansing for my body, mind, and spirit. I’ve felt a renewed sense of inspiration and am motivated to lead a life of health and love. The care provided by the practitioners has been instrumental in this positive transformation, and I am grateful for their expertise and kindness.

Skye P., Clothiers Creek

During my visit I was pleasantly surprised as my appointment far exceeded my expectations. From the moment I stepped in, I was warmly greeted by the practitioner, who made it her priority to ensure my utmost comfort throughout the entire process. She addressed all my queries and concerns, leaving me feeling reassured and at ease. The treatement itself was both effective and satisfying. Needless to say, I left the clinic with a promise to myself to return for future cleanses.

Anita B., Murwillumbah

I found the practitioners at this clinic to be very professional and effective in the treatment I received. The environment and approach made it easy for me to relax and place my trust in the whole process. I learned a lot about my state of health and dietary situation and felt confident that the inner cleansing I received would positively impact my future well-being. I felt that I got full value for my investment and will certainly recommend it to my friends and family.

Jill B., Elanora

When I first came to Vitalis I didn’t know that this would be a life-altering journey for me. My body was not in good shape and if I hadn’t found you and gotten all the support I needed, I don’t know if I still would be here. From your understanding of diet and fasting, enemas, and detoxing to the excellent colonic sessions – it really has changed my life. I can’t speak highly enough of your clinic and have recommended many people to see you. You truly made a customer for life.

Lagudi T., Eungella

I was very nervous about having my fritst colonic, but from the moment I stepped into the clinic, the tranquil ambiance immediately put me at ease. The practitioner, with her exceptional approachability and genuine compassion, guided me through the entire process, ensuring my comfort every step of the way. Now, after the session, I wake up feeling remarkably energized and much less bloated. The clinic’s private and relaxing atmosphere added an extra touch of serenity to my transformative journey.

Juliette W., Murwillumbah

This clinic provides a welcoming and professional environment that is both nurturing and inviting. The practitioners here excel not only in their expertise but also in their genuine dedication to your well-being. They take the time to understand your individual needs, ensuring you feel comfortable and supported throughout your visit. The practitioner’s skill and commitment are evident from the start, making it a fantastic choice for those seeking this type of treatment. I highly recommend this clinic.

Kaime H., Mullumbimby

The visit to Vitalis was great, particularly for someone like me who tends to feel anxious when faced with a colonic. The atmosphere and staff made the entire experience comfortable and reassuring. The anxiety I typically associate with such medical procedures was significantly alleviated during my visit. This clinic’s professionalism and empathetic approach to patient care truly stood out, making it a highly recommended choice for anyone seeking colonic irrigation. I look forward to going again.

Rita H., Byron Bay

I have had many colonics at many different venues and with many different therapists. Out of all the practitioners I’ve encountered and numerous venues I’ve visited for colonics, the practitioners here stand out as the most accommodating and caring. Their ability to create a deeply relaxing atmosphere allowed me to feel at ease throughout the session. The remarkable experience was so impressive that I have already shared my recommendations with several friends and colleagues.

Tanya U., Terranora

The colonics I received at this clinic were truly exceptional, surpassing my previous experience elsewhere five years ago. Under the skilled care of their outstanding practitioner, I felt thoroughly taken care of and assured throughout the treatment. Their professionalism and unwavering presence during the session instilled a sense of comfort in me. Without hesitation, I would wholeheartedly recommend your clinic to both my friends and family, as the service provided was unparalleled.

Tracey D., Suffolk Park

I visited this clinic and met a practitioner who left a strong impression on me. She was not only very professional but also really nice and caring. Her kindness and genuine interest in my well-being made me feel comfortable and safe. She took the time to explain everything and made me realize the potential benefits of the process. I highly recommend this clinic and the practitioner for their caring and expertise.

Suzanne B., Woolloomooloo

Our visits to the clinic have consistently been delightful experiences. Whether it’s my individual appointments or those with my husband, we’ve encountered various practitioners, all of whom have left us thoroughly satisfied. Their gentle and thorough approach, coupled with their professionalism and wealth of information, make each visit a positive one. We wholeheartedly recommend this clinic to all our friends, knowing they’ll also receive excellent care and support.

Heather B., Murwillumbah

I am delighted with my visits to the clinic. Each appointment has been an enlightening experience where I gained valuable insights into my body and overall health. I eagerly anticipate my upcoming appointment, as it promises to further enhance my focus on personal health and overall well-being. All the practitioners I’ve seen there are true professionals and made me feel comfortable and they are a wealth of knowledge.

Steve B., Murwillumbah

I am extremely grateful for the exceptional good experience I had. The expertise and assistance provided by the clinic’s dedicated professionals exceeded my expectations. From the warm greeting upon arrival to the meticulous attention to detail throughout the procedure, I was impressed by their knowledge, skill, and commitment to hygiene. The personalized approach and genuine compassion shown by the practitioner made it a truly transformative experience.

Shaz B., Fingal Heads

I suffer from a genetic colon condition and have on average 3-6 colonics per month. Whenever I visit Byron Bay, I always visit this clinic. The practitioners here are very experienced and very well trained. I have tried other clinics in the area, and none compare. I even tried the do-it-yourself version, but I would have been better off in my own bathtub. I can’t say enough about this clinic.

Zobenia J., New York

This is a great place that has been incredibly helpful to me. The practitioners here are not only skilled but also genuinely caring. They’ve gone above and beyond to ensure my well-being and provide valuable insights into my health. I can’t thank them enough for their dedication and the positive impact they’ve had on my overall health. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking both expertise and compassionate care.

Ramiah S., Mount Tamborine

The overall experience at Vitalis was great! I want to express my gratitude for providing me with the fiber powder; it’s already making a positive impact on my well-being. Your team has been exceptionally professional and attentive. I appreciate the care and support I’ve received during my visit to the clinic, and I look forward to continuing my journey to improved colon health under the guidance of your dedicated practitioners.

Petrina S., Myocum

The level of service received during the colonics session was truly exceptional and exceeded all expectations. The practitioner who attended to me displayed excellence in all areas, leaving absolutely no room for any critique. Her meticulous attention to detail, combined with a genuine dedication to ensuring my utmost comfort and well-being throughout the entire process, instilled a deep sense of trust and confidence in her abilities. Thank you.

Derek B., Pottsville

This was my first experience with colonics, and after having three sessions at this clinic, I can now say that I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking to have a colonic. They are highly professional, knowledgeable, and extremely caring, and the clinic is very clean and welcoming. All practitioners are excellent and it is definitley a good experience for me as the client.

Susy B., Mullumbimby

From my very first session at this clinic, the practitioner’s expertise and professionalism shone brightly. They made me feel not only comfortable but also confident that I was receiving the best care. This remarkable experience has turned me into a devoted client, and I’m genuinely thrilled with the incredible results it has brought to my overall health. I can’t recommend this clinic and the practitioner highly enough.

Erin E., Eugene

The practitioners made the experience not only informative but also comfortable, dispelling any initial fears I may have had. Their skills and expertise in uncovering the inner workings of my body were truly reassuring. The clinic’s commitment to providing a gentle and knowledgeable approach to colon health has left me with a sense of trust and well-being. I think it’s just perfect – including the booking process.

Becci B., Tweed Heads

This clinic embodies a high level of professionalism and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. I can’t emphasize enough how highly I recommend the practitioners. Their dedication to ensuring that the clients receive the best care possible is truly commendable. It’s a place where you can feel confident that your well-being is a top priority, and that level of customer focus is what sets them apart.

Mark H., Eltham

The practitioners at this clinic are very warm and welcoming, and they made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed during my visits. Each time I return, I’ve experienced a growing ability to let go and release on all levels. They are true therapist who can facilitate much more than meets the eye. I highly recommend this practice for the wonderful care and transformative experiences it provides.

Lightly, Tyalgum

My first colonic treatment was a surprisingly positive experience. I felt comfortable and at ease throughout the session, and I really appreciated the practitioner’s friendly approach. They took the time to explain everything and answered all my questions patiently, making it an educational and reassuring introduction to this treatment that I was initially unsure about.

Rae D.,

Thank you so much to the lovely team of practitioners. The experience was truly enhanced by the delightful presence of the practitioner. Their genuine concern and the supportive atmosphere they created were deeply appreciated.

Jaqueline B., Uki

The practitioner was absolutely awesome. It was clear that they are not only skilled in their practice but also genuinely care about the well-being of their clients. I’m feeling great today, thanks to their excellent care. The whole experience left me feeling both physically and emotionally uplifted. A heartfelt thank you to the practitioner for their outstanding service and care.

Matt U., Ocean Shores

I recently had a wonderful experience at this clinic. Throughout the session, the practitioner displayed remarkable care and professionalism, ensuring that I was comfortable and well-informed about the procedure. Their exceptional service left a lasting impression on me, and I was truly impressed with her expertise. The entire experience at the clinic was nothing short of amazing.

Sandy K., Kingscliff

I want to thank the clinic for their expert care during my colonic sessions. I would say that this is the best colonic I’ve ever had. The folks here create a warm and caring environment that makes each session really comfortable. They take the time to explain everything clearly and answer any questions I have. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

Di G., Pottsville

This clinic is exceptional for your overall health and wellbeing, especially in the realm of colon health. From the moment you enter to the moment you leave, you’re essentially giving yourself a holistic upgrade, benefiting your health, gut, and even your spiritual well-being. The practitioners here provide excellent care and expertise in this regard, and I highly recommend them.

Kate D., Kingscliff

Everything about the experience in this clinic is FANTASTIC. The practitioner who assisted me was great—both her technique and bedside manner are top-notch. Everyone else was also wonderful… in every way. I’ve been going to this clinic for years and have tried other colonic clinics previously, and none came close to the quality I experience at this clinic every time. You can’t go wrong. 👍❤️

Ahna D.V., Byron Bay

I’ve been getting colonics for a few years now, and let me tell you, my session at Vitalis Health was the best yet! Ela was fantastic, incredibly informative, and knowledgeable. Having had several colonic sessions before, I was amazed by the experience and results I got with her. I lost 1.2kg in my first session and felt way less bloated. As a professional boxer needing to stay in peak performance, this was incredibly beneficial. I highly recommend Ela and the clinic to anyone looking for top-notch colonic hydrotherapy.

Cherneka J.

I can’t express enough how this clinic has been a life-changing experience. It’s real healing on so many levels, truly saving my life. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone for mind, body, and soul cleansing and nourishing. The exceptional service and experience in all aspects have helped me to help myself. Thank you so much for this 5-star journey of healing and well-being.

Tracy C., Bogangar

The practitioner’s extensive knowledge in gut health was evident throughout the session. Their expertise played a significant role in the positive outcome, as they guided and supported the healing process effectively. I can confidently say that they played a crucial role in my journey to improved well-being, and I feel truly grateful for the beautiful healing experience they provided.

georgia L., Tweed Heads

When I was struggling with parasites, the colonics at Vitalis Health really shifted things, not only physically but emotionally as well. I was stuck with some important decisions in my life and cleaning out my bowels seemed to clear my mind. I appreciated the warm and beautiful space provided with everything I needed to feel comfortable and the ability to have a shower afterwards made a difference.

Laura S., Kingscliff

The practitioners at this clinic are very knowledgeable, caring, and thorough. I feel completely safe in their hands when getting Colonics. The recommendations for health products have truly made a difference, and I finally sense that I am moving in the right direction with my health. I highly recommend this clinic for its exceptional care and guidance in achieving better well-being.

Priya L., Mullumbimby

I had a great session at the clinic with a skilled practitioner. From the moment I stepped into the clinic, I felt warmly welcomed and supported. The practitioner was knowlegable and gave good advice for the improvment of my gut health.. After the session, I felt rejuvenated, lighter, and more energized, grateful for the cleansing and revitalizing experience provided by the clinic.

Geoffrey C., Uki

The team of women I encountered were not only beautiful but also highly knowledgeable, which immediately instilled a sense of confidence in me. Their expertise and professionalism were truly commendable, and they went above and beyond to ensure my utmost comfort throughout the entire session. I genuinely felt at ease and reassured in their capable hands. I would wholeheartedly recommend Vitalis to anyone.

Kris G., Coffs Harbour

The practitioners here are not only highly informative, providing valuable advice and insights throughout the process, but also incredibly understanding and caring. This combination of expertise and compassion ensured that I felt well-informed and supported during my session. Their dedication to my comfort and understanding made all the difference, creating a uniquely positive experience that I deeply appreciate.

Mark K., Ocean Shores

I had a fantastic experience at Vitalis Health, thanks to their exceptional practitioner. I truly appreciate your dedication to following up on my feedback from a previous visit, which further demonstrats your commitment to providing excellent customer care. I am already looking forward to my next visit. Thank you once again for the exceptional service and for making my experience truly memorable!

Michelle L., Uki

My experience at the Clinic was great, thanks to the well trained practitioners. They make me feel incredibly comfortable, easing my mind during what can be a quite intimate experience. The booking process is straightforward, adding to the overall positive experience. If I could make one suggestion, it would be to extend the duration of the reflexology because it was absolutely incredible!

Melinda M., Pottsville

I was a bit nervous initially, but their practitioner provided clear guidance before proceeding, which allowed me to relax. I’m thrilled with the progress of my health journey. It was truly an excellent experience for me, and I appreciate the professionalism and care shown by their entire team. I’m looking forward to continuing my wellness journey with them. Thank you very much!

Norico T., Tokyo

Yesterday’s experience at the clinic was excellent. I was thoroughly impressed with the seamless booking process and the high-quality treatment I received. The practitioner explained everything in meticulous detail, ensuring I had a comprehensive understanding of the procedure and its benefits. Overall, my visit to the clinic was a positive and informative experience that left me feeling well taken care of.

Jennifer J., Murwillumbah

The procedure was not only fascinating but also deeply reassuring, thanks to the high level of professionalism displayed by their practitioner. From the moment I arrived, they made sure to address my concerns and calm my nerves, creating a welcoming and comforting atmosphere. The process reconnected me with the healing process and I’m glad I had such a great experience.

Lil M., Corndale

I highly recommend this clinic! It’s the best colonic treatment I have had. I had excellent treatments with various practitioners and felt comfortable and cared for throughout. I always leave feeling much better than when I walked in – it’s incredible how gut health has such a huge impact on the rest of the body and mind.

Lauren M., Sydney

I had really low energy and was feeling pretty foggy in my head too. First I thought I had Candida and did the Candida cleanse but didn’t get a lot of improvement. So I thought there must be more toxins. With this cleanse I started to notice much more energy after 2 weeks and a clear head after 4 weeks. I am now in my 4th month and feel fantastic. I will keep on taking it!

Salli M., Newcastle

What can I say, sometimes I struggle for words to express my gratitude on how much you helped me. So many years of gut pain and digestive issues. Finally under control – with all your advice on diet and the parasite and gut repair program I feel I can live my life again. I will definitely keep coming for my quarterly colonics – couldn’t live without them anymore.

Marlene S., Murwillumbah

Doing the kidney recovery was so easy and the color of my urine is now much clearer again. Also the dark rings under my eyes have gone. I feel more hydrated which is probably due to my increased awareness to drink water and the colonics I had. With my stressful job I guess I have to take extra care of my adrenals. Thank you for making it easy to do this.

Lisa G., Kingscliff

The practitioners at Vitalis Health are highly knowledgeable and skilled. Their expertise in the field is evident through their dedication to providing care and guidance to patients. Each practitioner is committed to ensuring the well-being of every individual they serve. I’m grateful that I found you.

Charlotte D., Murwillumbah

The practitioner at this clinic delivered an exceptionally positive colonic experience. Throughout the session, I felt at ease and confident. They not only conducted the therapy effectively, but also provided valuable insights into the process and its benefits. Their care and professionalism set the tone for a comfortable and informative session, making it the most amazing experience.

Hugh L., Wiangaree

Outstanding! The experience at the clinic was incredibly nurturing and highly professional. I felt well cared for throughout my visit, and I was confident in the expertise of the practitioner. My health and wellbeing is mor vital than ever before. I highly recommend these guys.

Faye M., Billinudgel

The colonics at Vitalis are just the best. I love the attention, caring and pampering experience. From the ayurvedic belly massage to the hand and foot reflexology and the ever so gentle flow of water. The depth of release I experience on all levels every time is incredible. Being a yoga teacher I like to treat my body as a temple and internal cleansing will always be part of this.

Suzi S., Ocean Shores

The level of service you provide is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism. And I love flying in from Germany to see you. Thank you!

Inge Lorenz, Germany

The colonic was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. All the practitioners I’ve seen were absolutely fantastic. They are so gentle and really professional. I was feeling at ease knowing I was in perfect hands at that time. They also pointed me in the right direction with my leaky gut and after doing the gut repair program I must say I’m so grateful that I made the decision to come here.

Stephanie M., Tweed Heads

Thanks to your treatments my bowel problems have really cleared up and I also think that it has had a beneficial effect in reducing my blood pressure. Especially once I did the Liver cleanse. I will definitely do it again and keep it as a yearly cleanse in my arsenal for longevity. Can’t wait for my next appointment.

Aloys T., Bangalow

Vitalis is the very best colonic center I have ever had sessions with. Everybody is very caring, informative, and educational in all health matters and I learned so much. The belly massages are wonderful and deep and make the bowels move more quickly. The clinic exudes an atmosphere of well-being and professionalism.  The whole ambiance made me feel calm, relaxed and uplifted. I am looking forward to my next colonics there.

Kaya P., Mullumbimby

My treatment was amazing and all the practitioners I met at the clinic are very dedicated to healing. I used to be a skeptic, but now I’m a full-blown colonic enthusiast! I felt like a phoenix rising from the ashes during the session. If you’re searching for that extra spark in life, this is it. It’s an exhilarating journey to wellness! I would highly recommend Vitalis to anybody who wants to go deeper in their healing journey.

Frank L., Bangalow

I had a positive experience at Vitalis, and I believe it has greatly benefited me. Although progress has been somewhat gradual since my treatment began, I acknowledge that there is still a journey ahead. Nevertheless, I am confident that I am in the right place, and I eagerly anticipate returning for further treatment and continued improvement.

Amira R., Ocean Shores

I want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to the practitioner who assisted me in my colonic session! I have had two sessions at this clinic and feel great… I was pretty nervous the first time, but the practitioner was so warm, sensitive, and caring that they put me at ease straight away. I can feel the colonics are starting to work their wonders and help me regain my bowel health. I am looking forward to my next session 🙂

Ali P., Uki

5 stars to the practitioners at this clinic! Such beautiful, kind, and caring healing earth angels. The regular upkeep and cleansing of my mind, body, and spirit have been truly transformative. I consistently leave this clinic feeling like I’m floating on air. I wholeheartedly recommend Vitalis Health for its exceptional care and healing experiences.

Leann A., Tyalgum

I’ve been a colonic believer for many decades and Vitalis Health is the best by far! Those who have never had one say it must be all things negative and I just laugh at their ignorance and what they’re missing out on! My body appreciates this kind of support soo much. Thank you so much 🙏🙏🏿🙏🏽

Ishka M., Balllina

I have had treatments with all the practitioners in this clinic and I was absolutely blown away by their knowledge, warmth, and care. Their energies and approach were very comforting. I would and already have highly recommended this clinic to other women interested in colonics.

Shae P., Byron Bay

I am so pleased with my treatments thus far; they have been gentle, kind, and incredibly informative. It was a great experience that is truly changing my life for the healthier. The practitioners are very caring, and it’s evident in the way they treat their clients. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, whether new to this area or experienced. Thanks so much!

Barbara U., Ocean Shores

During my initial visit to this clinic, I was impressed by the practitioner’s expertise and the comprehensive care they provided, which not only included their compassionate approach but also ensured a comfortable and soothing atmosphere. The experience was nothing short of amazing. Highly recommend this clinic and the practitioner for their exceptional care.

Karen L., Bees Creek

The practitioner at this clinic is very skilled and knowledgeable, and my experience was amazing, even though I’d never had colon therapy before. I felt really relaxed and well-supported throughout the session. I will definitely recommend all family and friends to visit this clinic in order to achieve optimal health and increased energy.

Joy W., Robina

I found the entire procedure, from inception to conclusion, to be deeply impressive. The practitioners are knowledgeable and empathetic which is second to none.
Thank you not only for the treatment but also for your caring and attentive approach. I’m sure your experience at Vitalis will confirm this too. Best of the best in my books.

Chris G., Nunderi

I had a great appointment with my wonderful practitioner. The colonics I received was not only highly effective but also delivered with utmost professionalism and expertise, leaving me feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. The clinic’s commitment to providing a holistic approach to colon wellbeing was evident in the comprehensive and personalized care I received.

Sara G., South West Rocks

The practitioners at this clinic are highly professional and caring, making them an excellent choice for colonic therapy. Their expertise ensures a safe and effective experience, while their compassionate approach adds a comforting touch to each session. I wholeheartedly recommend their services for the best, safest and most comfortable experience.

Deanna B., Mullumbimby

I had a great experience at the clinic. The facilities were immaculate, creating a soothing and comfortable atmosphere that instantly put me at ease. The practitioner provided me a personalized session, ensuring that I felt completely supported throughout the entire process. I loved it. Thank you for providing me with an outstanding service!

Amy D., Kyogle

Thank you thank you …. Soooo Highly recommend Vitalis Health. The quality of service, the simple and accessible éducation, the warmth and friendliness of the staff….. felt fantastic for days … I’m so inspired and motivated to keep learning and caring for my digestive system….. and stay hydrated.✨Thank you

Nathalie V., Ocean Shores

I had a good experience overall at the Clinic. The knowledgeable practitioner looked after me throughout the whole session from beginning to end. Their expertise and attention made me feel valued and ensured my comfort. I left feeling rejuvenated and educated about the importance of colon health.

Reetica R., Murwillumbah

My first experience at this clinic was nothing short of wonderful. The practitioners were not only very professional, but they also created a clean and comfortable environment. Their friendliness and informative approach made me feel at ease, and it’s no surprise that I’ve become a regular for this treatment.

Sue N., Byangum

I struggled with lots of pain in my belly and thought I had Crohns. The medicated enemas I received were great. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated afterward. After a series of those my belly felt a lot better. Just fantastic.

Marcia M., Byron Bay

The session was most professional, informative and helpful. The probiotic implant after the session gave me lots of energy and made me feel I am a few steps closer to optimal health and certainly feel more confident to do what I have to do (giving myself probiotic implants).

Debbie P., Mermaid

My experience at the Clinic was very good. The practitioner made me feel completely at ease, instilling a sense of safety, relaxation, and confidence throughout the session. Their evident expertise and empathetic nature were truly impressive, as they seemed perfectly attuned to my needs and concerns.

Ana C, Ocean Shores

Thank you for the treatments that you gave me and your advice on doing a liver flush. I finally did it, it was scary to think about, but easy to do. I wished I’d done it earlier. I  feel better and have more energy. My niggling pain on the right side has gone too.
I wish I could come weekly.

Milly M., Sydney

I have been to you for colonics, and know how important it is for health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anybody as good as you yet over here. Still doing the Heavy Metal program and feeling better every day. Really helps when working in mining. So thank you for your ongoing support.

Tim W., WA

Thanks for staying in touch. After having a holiday and finishing the Adrenal recovery I finally feel I can go the extra mile again. Looking forward to doing the Liverflush next.
I’m still thinking about the great colonics I had in Australia with you. Still haven’t found anybody here who can do what you guys do.

Mary M., USA

Just had an amazing first experience at this clinic. The practitioner is professional, caring, and makes you feel completely comfortable and at ease with the whole process. Highly knowledgeable and educational. They are experts in their field. Thank you for providing an excellent service.

Luke K., Byron Bay

My recent visit to this clinic was impressive. I found them to be highly capable and compassionate in their approach. I feel fortunate to have this clinic in the region, and I’m grateful for the care provided by the practitioners. Thank you so much!

Michael C., Diggers Camp

The team of practitioners was highly professional and attentive to my needs. From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed and comfortable. The clinic’s atmosphere was calming and soothing, which added to the overall positive experience. I look forward to my next appointment.

Stephen M., Banora

The highly knowledgeable practitioners, not only guided me through the process but also shared invaluable insights into enhancing my overall health. Finding someone who is genuinely dedicated to helping others heal, has been a blessing. I am deeply thankful for this transformative experience. 🙏

Mary R., Ocean Shores

When I first came to this clinic, I was struggling with digestive issues. After my first colonic session, I experienced a remarkable improvement in my gut health. I always get a strong sense of safety, and invaluable advice for maintaining my overall well-being.

Debra H., Uki

This experience was different than I thought. The practitioner was like an angel; gentle, caring, and professional in her approach which made the experience truly exceptional. It was a turning point for me, grateful for the positive impact it’s had on my well-being.

Drew M., Eungella

Thank you so much for the cleansing treatment you gave me! The care and expertise demonstrated by the practitioners were truly exceptional. I’m glad I tried colonics here. I’m feeling really healthy and benfitting from regular fasts, good food, excercise and holistic therapies.

Indigo J., Murwillumbah

The practitioners at the Clinic are delightful individuals to interact with. They skillfully create a supportive environment for clients, displaying remarkable empathy and kindness throughout their sessions. They are also very knowlegable and have given me lots of tips to improve my health.

Marlene D.K., Ocean Shores

I had an absolutely wonderful experience during my colonic sessions at this clinic. In fact, I can confidently say that it’s been the best colonic experience I’ve ever had. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough to anyone seeking this type of treatment.

Lauren H., Murwillumbah

The practitioner’s approach put me at ease immediatley. What sets them apart is not just their expertise but also their warm and friendly demeanor, which creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. I wholeheartedly recommend their services for a truly exceptional therapeutic experience.

Julieanne H., Murwillumbah

Yesterday’s experience at the clinic was truly remarkable. As the session progressed, I couldn’t believe how much my belly was releasing. Today, my tummy is happier, lighter, and more at ease. I’m grateful for the wonderful care I received at the clinic.

Lesley S., Redland Bay

The level of service and care I received from this clinic was really good. The colonic session itself exceeded my expectations, delivering an incredibly thorough cleansing and detoxification of my colon. I felt amazing afterwards. Without a doubt, I will be back.

Corinne W., Ewingsdale

From the moment I stepped foot into the clinic, I was immediately met with a warm and friendly atmosphere. The practitioners are highly skilled and the entire experience was fantastic. I certainly hope to continue my wellness journey with this clinic.

Scott J., Tyalgum

I’m really happy with the level of care the practitioner provided in my first colonic session at this clinic. Everything was fully explained, making it an easy process, and I’m feeling great now, thanks to the well trained practitioner.

Russell L., Nimbin

The practitioner’s warmth and professionalism made it a truly pleasant experience. From the moment I arrived, their expertise and genuine care made me feel welcome and at ease. The clinic’s tranquil ambiance and state-of-the-art equipment further elevated the experience.

Judy M., Ocean Shores

As a skydiving instructor my adrenaline is pumping daily. So I do the Adrenal recovery every year to make sure I can keep enjoying what I love doing. Not sure if is the actual cleanse, but I always feel better after doing it. Of course it could also be because I do the recommended amount of colonics with you.

Jordan R., Brisbane

Looking Lean! This product is incredible…. I had no idea why I was looking leaner every day and to my surprise, I’ve even lost kgs on the scale. I must have had some serious heavy metals floating around my body.

Sarah K., Yamba

Absolutely fantastic! My treatment session was perfect, everything from the atmosphere in the clinic to the knowledge of the practitioners. I feel they are great holistic healers here. Thank you! Highly recommend Vitalis Health to all!

Sonia D'E., Murwillumbah

In many years of trying the open + closed systems, this clinic is the best for colonics by a long shot! Sessions combine therapies, the practitioners really know their stuff + get the best results. Highly recommend 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Melaine K., Bangalow

I found the practitioner to be a caring, supportive, and knowledgeable professional. I believe having a regular colonic is just as vital as a car service. Very grateful for the care and expertise provided at this clinic.

Anatelyah H., Ocean Shores

I had an amazing experience with this clinic. The practitioner guided me through the entire process with expertise and care, making me feel at ease. Thank you for inspiring me to keep going on this journey.

Chris d., Blue Knob

The colonic was very good. Their practitioner was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. The personalized care and post-treatment guidance were outstanding. I highly recommend this clinic.

Haley W., Casuarina

I had an amazing experience at your Clinic. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to the entire team for their exceptional care. Their dedication and expertise were truly remarkable, and I am grateful for their outstanding service.

Carol L., Miami

The experience at Vitalis was exceptionally positive, leaving me with a profound sense of being well taken care of. The attentive care I received from the practitioners was truly commendable, ensuring my overall well-being.

Andrew J., Chillingham

Wonderful! I extend our gratitude to you for creating such an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. I truly value your professional and caring approach, which adds to the overall experience at your Clinic.

Phillipa B., Brunswick Heads

I always have an amazing experience at this clinic, all the practitioners are very skilled. I highly recommend them; they are professional and with a beautiful heart. Thank you!

Alessandro U., Lismore

I’d like to share my positive experience with this clinic’s approach to health. I was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming and knowledgeable team here. This friendly and informative approach created a sense of trust and confidence, making me feel like I was in good hands. It’s this kind of support and expertise that has kept me coming back to this clinic for my wellness needs.

Robyn L., Murwillumbah