Best Alkaline Foods

Do you know the best alkaline foods? We present the top 9 alkaline foods. Of course, they are not only alkaline, but also very healthy.

Which foods are particularly alkaline?

According to the concept of the Center for Health, alkaline foods should not only be alkaline, but also healthy. Therefore, alkaline foods actually act alkaline on at least eight levels, not just on the two levels that the official sources meet as the sole criteria. Details on the eight levels are explained in the introduction to our acid-base table.

The Top 9 Alkaline Foods

Of course, many foods meet the requirements of the eight levels. Today, however, we present the nine alkaline foods that – according to our acid-base model – are among the most alkaline foods of all:

1. Dandelion

The alkaline dandelion is extremely rich in vital substances. For example, it provides more vitamin C than citrus fruits, calcium than milk, and iron than a steak. Dandelion also regulates the release of digestive juices, promotes bile flow, regenerates the liver, stimulates the body’s own base formation and is traditionally recommended for diseases of the urinary tract.

2. Nettle

Nettle is also one of the top alkaline foods, as it is a plant that not only provides an extremely generous supply of nutrients and vital substances but also heals and detoxifies.

3. Parsley

Alkaline parsley is the best source of potassium of all culinary herbs. But calcium, magnesium, and iron are also contained in large quantities, not to mention vitamins, chlorophyll, and secondary plant substances. Parsley is a great detoxifier and promotes elimination through both the kidneys and intestines. At the same time, it acts as an anti-inflammatory healer of the digestive system and even protects the lungs from carcinogenic substances.

4. Spinach

Spinach is often listed as the leader of all alkaline foods, even in the official acid-base tables. Spinach is also one of the nitrate-rich vegetables known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic and blood vessel-dilating properties.

5. Dried Figs

Together with parsley, dried figs are among the foods richest in potassium, which has an extremely healing effect on the heart and blood pressure. They are also very rich in calcium (190 mg per 100 g) and are also suitable as a source of iron (3.2 mg). At the same time, they regulate digestion wonderfully due to their well-tolerated fiber and are considered an old home remedy for stubborn constipation.

6. Kale

Kale is also one of the very alkaline foods. It is full of vital substances and minerals, fights inflammatory processes, strengthens the immune system, and is one of the best (food) remedies of choice against cancer. The high vitamin K content of kale nourishes the blood and blood vessels and, together with a calcium content twice as high as that in milk, ensures strong bones. The plant substances beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin also regenerate tired eyes.

7. Radish

Radishes contain, among other things, certain plant substances, the so-called isothiocyanates (also called “mustard oils”). They are particularly known for their anti-cancer and anti-arthritis properties, which alone would be enough to eat the radish regularly. The radish also supports the body’s own detoxification ability and stimulates the motor function of the intestines, increasing the production of digestive juices and thus improving intestinal health

8. Cucumber

Cucumbers are a special case among alkaline foods. They provide high-quality plant water and contain antioxidant phytochemicals from the lignan family. Together, they protect against cardiovascular diseases, have an anti-inflammatory effect, and support the body’s natural defense against cancer.

9. Grasses

Grasses such as barley grass or wheatgrass are also enormously alkaline foods. They provide alkaline minerals, activate the independent regulation of the acid-base balance, ensure a healthy digestive system, have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antifungal, and antibacterial effects, strengthen the immune system, promote detoxification and provide vitamin K and folic acid, among other things.

A day with the best alkaline foods

All nine of these wonderfully healthy and alkaline foods can be wonderfully integrated into your daily routine, e.g. like this:

• Have a muesli with dried figs for breakfast,
• drink a green smoothie made of spinach, parsley, dandelion, and nettle during the morning,
• as a snack, eat a sandwich with whole meal or sprouted bread and cucumber sticks,
• enjoy a refreshing papaya and radish salad at lunchtime,
• In the afternoon, enjoy a grass drink made from barley, wheat, or spelt grass and
• Later, nibble on the crispy and alkaline vegetable chips in front of the TV (after sports, of course!).

Alkaline Foods

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