What’s in Leeks

Origin and Botany

The western Mediterranean is the home of the Leeks, which was known more than 2000 years before our time. The Egyptian slaves are said to have eaten this vegetable during the construction of the pyramids, and Emperor Nero also swore at it because he believed that it enhances his voice. Probably in the Middle Ages, this vegetable found its way to us.

Allium porrum is a two-year-old herbaceous plant. The winter-proof onion vegetables grow up to 80 cm in height and form leaves instead of an onion. These can be up to five centimeters wide and 50 centimeters long. In its course, its shaft changes the color from yellowish to strong green. At its end, an egg-round capsule fruit is formed.

Season and Storage of Leeks

Leeks are available all year round. The summer leek is slimmer than the winter leek and tastes a little milder and more tender in comparison. Outdoor cultivation is the rule for this vegetable.

If you remove the outermost leaf and the dark green leaf ends, you can store the stems. It stays in the fridge for about five days. Leeks emit a rather intense smell, so it should be kept separately from other vegetables. It can also be frozen.

Tips for Preparation

Depending on the dish, different parts of the leeks can be used. The strong green leaf spreads have a more intense taste than the delicate green at the root. The lush green parts are ideal for refining soups and stews.
Leeks are used for green soup in combination with celery, carrots, and parsley root.

Roasted or steamed leeks can also be served as a vegetable side dish. Summer Leeks are also suitable for raw food or salad. Leeks also taste good as a quiche topping or for baking overflows. For this purpose, only the light and light green parts of the leek are used. The leek aroma is similar to a mixture of onion and garlic but is milder.

It is common for sand and soil to accumulate between the leaves. As part of the preparation, one should cut the stem length-way to just before the end of the shaft. Wash it thoroughly.

Nutritional table: Leeks (per 100 grams)

Minerals (mg)
Sodium (Na)

Potassium (K)

Calcium (Ca)

Magnesium (Mg)

Phosphate (P)

Iron (Fe)

Zinc (Zn)







Beta-Carotin (µg)

Vitamin E (mg)

Vitamin B1 (mg)

Vitamin B2 (mg)

Vitamin B6 (mg)

Folic acid (µg)

Vitamin C (mg)








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