Lost in Blissful Memory

During my lunch break today, I came across an elderly man seated on a park bench, visibly distraught and shedding tears. Concerned, I paused and approached him to inquire about the cause of his sadness.

He confided in me, saying, “I have a partner who is 22 years old eagerly awaiting my return at home. Each morning, she kindly massages my back, prepares a delightful breakfast consisting of pancakes, sausage, fresh fruit, and freshly brewed coffee.”

Perplexed, I inquired, “Then why are you feeling so distressed?”

He continued, “During the midday meal, she tenderly prepares homemade soup and my cherished biscuits. She conscientiously tends to the household chores and then spends the remainder of the afternoon watching sports TV with me.”

Bewildered, I probed again, “I’m still struggling to comprehend why you’re shedding tears.”

He replied, “In the evening, she skillfully prepares a gourmet dinner accompanied by wine and my favorite dessert. We relish each other’s company and embrace until the late hours.”

Confounded, I delved deeper, “So, what could possibly be the cause of your emotional state?”

He let out a sigh, expressing, “The issue lies in my inability to recall my place of residence.”

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