Safe and side-effect free contraception

The pill and other hormonal contraceptives always pose health risks for users. Natural family planning (NFP) is considered – along with the condom – to be a safe contraceptive method with no side effects.

Natural contraception with calculation of fertile days

In principle, a woman’s monthly cycle is regular. The egg cell grows in the female body largely on time. The formation of the uterine lining and its rejection as a result of regular hormonal changes are just as reliable.

However, fluctuations in the cycle are not really unusual, since humans as living beings generally respond to external stimuli. Both stress and physical or mental strain can lead to small irregularities in the cycle.

Nevertheless, the average duration of the monthly cycle can be given quite reliably as 28 days.

The calculation starts on the first day of the rule

For the calculation of the fertile days, the first day of the menstrual period is also considered the first day of the cycle. The actual time of bleeding is usually four to five days. Then the rebuilding process begins, in the course of which an egg cell is expelled.

The ability to fertilize is given for a single day during ovulation. If the egg cell is not fertilized, the degradation process, also known as the secretion phase, begins again.

However, the time of possible conception is significantly more than one day. Since the male sperm cells remain viable in the woman’s body for three to four days, the period of a possible pregnancy is extended accordingly.

In addition, the time of ovulation is not really certain.

For this reason, nine to ten days for conception are conceivable. The calendar method, in which the couple abstains from sex during the woman’s fertile days, is therefore a natural form of contraception, but it is very uncertain due to individual fluctuations.

Natural contraception with measurement of basal body temperature

During the fertile days, the body temperature also changes, so it is possible to prevent conception by measuring the so-called basal body temperature.

Basal body temperature is the lowest body temperature that can be reached at rest. It is measured first thing in the morning after waking up, and before getting up. It is advisable to use a special thermometer that measures to within a tenth of a degree.

The morning temperature is entered in a diagram. This makes it possible to determine the time of ovulation. In the meantime, there are also small computers that store the data of the morning temperature measurement and indicate the fertile or infertile days.

During the first part of the female menstrual cycle, the basal body temperature is lower. This is called the follicular phase. Shortly before ovulation, the temperature drops slightly. Around ovulation, there is an increase in temperature.

This second phase is called the luteal phase. The temperature generally rises by about 0.2 to 1.0 degrees due to the production of the corpus luteum hormone. After ovulation, the temperature remains elevated for about 12 days, i.e. until the beginning of menstruation. After that, it drops back to normal temperature.

Once ovulation has occurred, it can be assumed that pregnancy cannot occur for the rest of the cycle. However, with any contraception, it should be taken into account that although the egg cell is only capable of fertilization for up to 24 hours, the sperm are viable in the woman’s body for up to 5 days.

If you want to determine the exact time of ovulation, it is advisable to record the temperature measurements for a few months.

When measuring the basal body temperature, the following should be taken into account:

  • the temperature should be taken at exactly the same time every day
  • nothing should be eaten or drunk before the measurement
  • the diagram, along with a pen, should be close to hand next to the bed so that you can measure the resting temperature
  • the temperature can be measured orally, rectally or vaginally. However, you should decide on a method and then stick to it
  • before the measurement, you should have slept at least 5 hours. Even after a restless night, the temperature must be measured. However, this should be noted accordingly in the diagram.

Natural contraception with the NFP

The temperature method is an important part of the NRP (for Natural Family Planning). In addition to the temperature measurement, the consistency of the cervical mucus is also observed. Both methods, used together, offer greater security.

The cerivx mucus is secreted by the cervix (lat. cervix uteri). Depending on the phase of the cycle, the cervical mucus changes its consistency. Before ovulation, it becomes thin and “spinnable” (can be pulled into a thread between two fingers) due to the increased estrogen level, thus paving the way for the sperm. Shortly after ovulation, estrogen levels drop and progesterone rises. This makes the cervical mucus viscous again. A spinnable cervical mucus therefore indicates the immediate vicinity of ovulation.

Since NFP takes into account both symptoms (mucus consistency) and temperature, it is also called the symptothermal contraceptive method.

Natural contraception with condoms

In addition, condoms can of course also be used, especially on fertile days, in the early days of NFP or even in irregular cycles.

The condom is one of the mechanical contraceptives that form a barrier for sperm and thus prevent them from reaching an egg capable of fertilization. This contraceptive is made from thin rubber or latex.

The most important features of a condom are that it is tear-resistant and impermeable. These quality features are regularly checked by the manufacturers of the condoms.

Using a condom is quite simple, but it requires a bit of tact. Care must be taken when opening the packaging so that the part is not damaged by a fingernail or ring.

Before putting the condom on the stiff penis, the foreskin must be pulled back, unless the man is circumcised. It is essential to note that a small tip protrudes at the front, which serves to absorb the seminal fluid. This is squeezed once so that existing air can escape from the condom.

Then you unroll the condom over the penis, for which it is best to use the whole hand. If the condom is unrolled so far that the rubber ring has almost reached the base of the penis and the condom is tight and no seminal fluid can come out of it.

However, caution is advised after ejaculation. Since the penis slackens after orgasm and thus the secure fit of the condom is no longer guaranteed, it must be removed quite quickly. When pulling it out, hold the ring of the condom so that it is not stripped into the vagina and no seminal fluid empties into it.

Is there a natural contraception for men?

Since condoms are not always popular and not comfortable for every couple, men are also always looking for contraceptive alternatives. Unfortunately, there are not too many options for the man here, at least none that could be described as reliable in any form.

Papaya seeds are often mentioned as a natural contraceptive for men. But there are only studies on animals in which the seeds of the tropical fruit have apparently proven to be a safe contraceptive.

The following recommendation is circulating for men: If the seeds of papaya are taken daily for months (e.g. 1 spoonful), then men should become temporarily infertile. As soon as the seeds are left out of the daily regime again, fertility returns within a few weeks.

Potency or libido is not affected by papaya seeds in any way, it is said. On the contrary. The many health-promoting substances in it can improve general health, so that of course this also has a beneficial effect on your love life.

The Chinese have found a method that works well for man, but requires great discipline. Stephen Chang explains in his book ‘The Tao of Sexology’ how man can learn to not ejaculate at all while still having an orgasm. It is said that this not only prolongs the life of the man, but increases the pleasure for the women.

Natural contraceptions with excercise

Interestingly, Stephen Chang also explains in his book ‘The Tao of Sexology’ how woman can do specific exercises to stop their menstruation. And without menstruation – hence no ovulation – there is no risk of getting pregnant.
Again this requires discipline as the exercises have to be done daily.

If both man and women do the exercises (for him and her) together, it can turn into an enjoyable and pregnant free activity.

Natural contraception with plants

There are also said to be contraceptive plants. However, their safety has not been proven – neither in terms of contraception nor in terms of side effects. We present plants that were probably used for contraception in the past – both by women and men – and many other interesting details about the topic of “contraceptive plants” here: Contraception with plants

Contraception with the ovulation calculator?

In order to use contraception successfully, it is therefore not enough to abstain exclusively on the fertile days calculated by the ovulation calculator or to enjoy yourself with a condom on these days. Remember that the ovulation calculator calculates your most fertile(!) Days.

Safe contraception

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