Deacidification of the body

Deacidification is the first step

Almost every clinical picture and also every visual change that goes hand in hand with the aging process can be traced back to hyperacidity or the associated functional disorders of the organism.

So it doesn’t matter whether you suffer from arteriosclerosis, intervertebral disc problems, high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, hair loss, caries, neurodermatitis, irritable bowel syndrome or even just sweaty feet, wrinkles, obesity, cellulite and bad mood, hyperacidity is involved in your problem – especially if it is chronic.

This, in turn, means that deacidification is one of the first steps that can effectively contribute to solving your problem! If the body is overloaded with acids and waste products, these must first be removed. Only then can the organism function properly again and regain its very own ability to regulate.

Why deacidification?

But how do excess acids and stored waste come about in the first place? Which processes make deacidification necessary?

Every organism needs nutrients that it can convert into energy. That’s why we eat every day. The body takes what it needs from our food (nutrients, vital substances, water, etc.), and throws the rest out (through the skin, lungs, kidneys, intestines).

If we are able to remove this residue from our body easily and completely, then we are doing well, we remain young, healthy, efficient and vital.

However, if there are so many residues (= waste products) during the daily metabolism that our body cannot remove them all, then these waste products must be stored somewhere temporarily.

The body says to itself: “I’ll put this here in the connective tissue, tomorrow I’m sure I’ll have more time, then I’ll take out the garbage.” Unfortunately, he doesn’t have time tomorrow because there is more waste than he can dispose of that day.

And so, after a certain period of time, veritable mountains of garbage pile up in the human body, which disrupt all functions of the organism and can also damage the cells. The body is less and less able to maintain its healthy balance, let alone regain it.

The reservoir of connective tissue (fascia) is eventually full. So the organism pushes the waste products into the joints, which can lead to arthritis and osteoarthritis. Waste products also accumulate in the kidneys, bile or bladder, which is particularly visible when kidney stones, gallstones or bladder stones grow there.

Waste products are stored under the skin, where they increase the oxidative stress of the cells. In connection with a lack of antioxidants, vital substances and nutrients, wrinkles or – in the case of connective tissue weakness – cellulite are now forming.

Oxidative stress is also noticeable in the blood vessels and leads to cracks in the vessel walls. Chronic inflammation, together with the dysfunction of the body caused by waste products, also means that it can no longer regulate its blood clotting properly. Atherosclerosis develops and with it the risk of thrombosis, as well as heart attack and stroke.

After a week, it may not be noticeable. After a month it becomes critical and after a year you can no longer enter your kitchen.

The body, however, is much more patient than a kitchen and, in contrast to the kitchen, also has “self-cleaning mechanisms”. It is only when these subside that the mountain of garbage begins to grow, making you age faster and making you sick.

The aging process and the diseases associated with it are therefore often nothing more than an accumulation of absorbed waste products.

In our modern world, these wastes often consist of acids. How even a single glass of an acid-forming lemonade can put the body’s own balance to the test, will show in the following experiment:

Hyperacidity explained simply with the cola experiment

Take a 40-liter bucket of water. The water should have a slightly alkaline pH of 7.4. Now pour a glass of cola (300ml) into the water and measure the pH value now. What do you find? The pH of the contents of the bucket has dropped to 4.6.

The body of a 70-kilogram person happens to consist of about 40 liters of water, which has a pH of about 7.4.

How many people do you know who pour far more than just a glass of Coke into themselves every day and are still alive? If their body fluids suddenly had a pH value of 4.6, then these people would no longer be happily walking around, but would be lying in the nearest morgue.

So the organism does a masterful job every day by keeping the blood pH value between 7.35 and 7.45 constant – no matter what happens.

By the way, Cola was just ONE example of the acid-forming effect of all the things that arrive in the body every day with the modern diet. All other soft drinks aren’t much better. Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages are also acidic, as are store-bought fruit juices.

In addition, every sugary or floury snack, every processed dairy product, every bratwurst, every hamburger, every pizza, every ready-made dressing, every sweet dessert and every home-style menu of pasta, meat and sauce is over-acidified.

Other factors that can promote hyperacidity are, for example, permanent stress, worries and fears.

Do you now understand why the drugs of conventional medicine may alleviate symptoms temporarily, but – especially with chronic complaints – cannot really cure?

Deacidification gets to the root of the problem

Medication does not remedy the causal problem of hyperacidity (and intestinal waste accumulation). So the human being continues to live as before, still over-acidified, becomes sicker and sicker, takes pills, but then suffers the next illness because of their side effects.

In order not to have to reveal its own helplessness, conventional medicine simply refers to all the diseases that it cannot cure as age-related complaints or as genetically determined and thus incurable.

These include, but are not limited to, heart disease, cancer, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease, many digestive problems, hemorrhoids, asthma, hay fever, allergies, headaches, eczema, gum disease, etc.

Many Japanese doctors, on the other hand, say that all diseases that are not caused by bacteria and viruses are caused by too many acids in the body (although bacteria and viruses also prefer to settle where the acid-alkaline balance is bad).

So when Western doctors say that the cause of this or that disease is unknown or hidden in the genetic make-up, then in many cases you can confidently assume that the cause is a high-grade, decades-long hyperacidity (in combination with a compromised digestive system).

This is wonderful news! Because you can do something about hyperacidity. In the same way, you can get your digestive system back in shape and strengthen your immune system in this way.

So what do we need to do to stay healthy and young? Correct! To remove the waste products and acids from the body, to reverse the hyperacidity, to tackle a thorough deacidification and in this way to move inexorably towards health and power.

Deacidification of the body

With a comprehensive deacidification program, you can reverse the development that has begun towards illness and old age. After just one to three months, you will feel significantly younger, healthier and more vital.

Proper deacidification consists of three steps:

  • We stop the flood of acids and ensure with an alkaline or alkaline surplus diet that from now on fewer acid-forming substances enter our body so that no new waste products can form. You should also maintain the alkaline excess diet AFTER your 1 to 3 month deacidification program. Many wastes can only be broken down slowly, which can only happen in the course of a base-surplus lifestyle of several months.
  • We reduce those factors that – in addition to diet – also acidify, such as stress, worries and unnecessary medications.
  • We also ensure that the acids and waste products that have been produced in the past and stored in the body can be completely eliminated with the help of an effective and comprehensive deacidification program – until the organism has regained its ability to regulate itself.

What happens during and after deacidification?

When waste products and acids leave the body, when alkaline minerals and high-quality food enter the body instead, many things happen at once. Here is a small selection:

  • Obesity often only exists as a result of hyperacidity. Deacidify, then excess weight will melt away practically all by itself.
  • Your skin becomes firmer with deacidification, nails become firmer and hair loss is a thing of the past.
  • Allergies, headaches and many other chronic diseases are alleviated by deacidification and can be further reduced with subsequent intestinal cleansing.
  • Rheumatic pain often subsides significantly within the first few days of deacidification.
  • Also, please don’t be surprised if you suddenly need weaker glasses after thorough deacidification and a change in diet.
  • Contagious diseases or recurring fungal infections can also be prevented in the future or only break out to a lesser extent, because regular deacidification in combination with an alkaline-surplus lifestyle strengthens the immune system and the body becomes so vital that bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites no longer stand a chance. In addition, a good acid-alkaline balance ensures that the right pH values prevail in both the intestine and the vagina. Under these conditions, it is no longer possible for fungi to settle there.
  • Acids and waste products increase blood clotting. They therefore make the blood thicker and thus increase the risk of arteriosclerosis. The fine blood vessels (capillaries) can become clogged. If you now carry out a deacidification, your blood will quickly become thinner again (which immediately relieves your heart). But the deposits are still there.
  • Very slowly, however, the blocked blood vessels are cleared again. This process can take years. Whether deposits can also be completely removed depends on the severity of the deposits and on many other personal conditions (age, state of health, etc.).

However, remember one thing: if one fine day you reach wastes that are 10 years old and get them out of your body, then you will automatically feel 10 years younger. Deacidification is therefore worthwhile! Have fun with it.

Deacidification of the body with the right deacidification program

As mentioned above, deacidification is accompanied and supported by an alkaline or alkaline diet. You can read how such a diet can be designed here: Alkaline diet

Of course, you also try to avoid stress during your deacidification program.

Choose a deacidification program that suits you now! Our Practitioners will help you to choose the ideal deacidification program for you.

First of all, the planned duration is important. Do you want to deacidify for four weeks? Or would you rather take your time and deacidify over a period of 3 months? Would you also like to gently deacidify? Or would you like to deacidify intensively?

Gentle deacidification programs consist of an alkaline tea, the highly alkaline Sango sea coral for remineralization of the body and an alkaline bath for deacidification via the skin.

Deacidification programs, which not only deacidify extra- and intracellularly, but also take care of cell protection during deacidification and a balanced nutrition of the cell, also provide antioxidants as well as holistic dietary supplements such as spirulina.

Intensive deacidification programs deacidify on several levels, stimulate the organism to produce its own bases and even detoxify at the same time. In addition, like the previously mentioned programs, they provide cell protection and cell nutrition. Nevertheless, such intensive deacidification should be carried out for only four weeks.

Accelerating deacidification with nine tips

Deacidification programs are therefore available in different versions: there are deacidification programs with an alkaline bath and those without, there are programs with a body brush for dry brush massages and those without, programs with alkaline tea and those without, etc.

Depending on which program you choose, you can choose additional measures from the following tips that can accelerate and support your own personal and individual deacidification enormously:

Tip 1 for deacidification: Choose a holistic alkaline powder

To additionally enrich your diet with high-quality alkaline substances, you can sprinkle an alkaline powder like Barley Grass over every meal.

Tip 2 for deacidification: Drink alkaline tea

You start the day with an alkaline morning tea and end it with an alkaline evening tea.

Tip 3 for deacidification: Use alkaline body care

If possible, use alkaline body care products

Tip 4 for deacidification: Perform dry brush massages regularly

Perform dry brush massages, which will activate your entire lymphatic system and massively promote deacidification. As a little bonus, you get velvety soft skin.

Tip 5 for deacidification: Choose holistic alkaline minerals

To neutralize acids, the organism normally uses the body’s own buffers, such as sodium bicarbonate. In the case of hyperacidity, these body’s own regulatory mechanisms no longer function optimally.

Acids are now neutralized with the help of alkaline minerals such as magnesium or calcium. However, the modern way of life often provides far too few alkaline minerals for the maintenance of normal bodily functions.

If alkaline minerals have to be used to neutralize huge, completely unnatural amounts of acids, then there will be serious base shortages. The body now has to borrow alkaline minerals (e.g. calcium) from its own mineral reserves, e.g. from its own bone substance.

That’s basically not a problem – as long as the alkaline minerals can be returned to the bones (or other tissues) as soon as possible. Catastrophically, however, this does NOT happen.

Every day too many acids come in with unhealthy food, every day too few alkaline minerals arrive and every day minerals are borrowed from the bone substance or from other endogenous mineral deposits. And these loans are NEVER returned.

So the body MUST neutralize the resulting acids – no matter what the cost. As is well known, the blood must ALWAYS be slightly alkaline, i.e. have a pH value of 7.35 to 7.45, any other value is life-threatening for the body. Therefore, the resulting acids are neutralized IMMEDIATELY – even if it is at the expense of the bone substance. The organism doesn’t care about that at first. He has to survive at this moment.

Holistic alkaline minerals such as Sango Marine coral can reverse the depletion of minerals in the body. Finally, the mineral loans can be returned, excess acids are easily neutralized and new mineral stocks can be created.

Tip 6 for deacidification: Take advantage of sports, sauna and massages

Keep in mind that the higher the temperature of your blood, the more waste products your body can excrete. The body temperature can be increased with moderate training, with sauna, with massages or with hot alkaline baths.

Tip 7 for deacidification: Enjoy regular alkaline baths

Relax in an alkaline bath at least two to three times a week. If you don’t have time for a full bath, you should treat yourself to alkaline foot baths. Alkaline baths are often basic components of deacidification programs.

Tip 8 for deacidification: Pay attention to proper breathing

Make sure you breathe slowly and consciously, as carbonic acid is exhaled through the lungs in the form of carbon dioxide. If you learn to breathe slowly and consciously (e.g. with rhythmic yoga breathing), then you can already remove some of the daily acids from the body via the lungs.

Tip 9 for deacidification: Use alkaline stockings

The body can also deacidify and detoxify via the soles of the feet. You can support this by further deacidifying with the help of the alkaline stockings during sleep and getting up the next morning with a feeling of lightness. Or using some detox foot patches.

Check the success of deacidification

Check your deacidification success with the help of pH test sticks. You can find out how the pH value can be measured here: pH value measurement


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