Self-healing through the power of thought

Self-healing through the power of thought is possible! Because a person’s thoughts and mental abilities can achieve much more than meets the eye.

Basically many other efforts are only crowned with success when the person is full of confidence and mobilizes his self-healing powers in this way. It is not for nothing that the saying goes: Faith moves mountains. And so a person’s attitude can also heal them – even from the worst diseases. Nobody says it is easy to change your personal attitude and thoughts. And most only make it in extreme situations!

Activate self-healing powers – When thoughts heal

Ideas precede every invention. This is how thoughts create matter. And thoughts can also influence the body in the same way – in the negative, but also in the positive direction, i.e. make it sick or heal it. That is why there are always stories about self-healing through mental abilities alone and about the healing power of thoughts. We present some of them to you today.

You may be surprised to find this topic here. Normally we report more on the right diet and on naturopathic measures or on those things that one should avoid if one cares about one’s own health.

But we also repeatedly point out the mental aspects of every illness and point out that the higher self is always part of being healthy and the holistic healing process. Because it is the higher self that can activate the self-healing powers in a very special way.

Unfortunately, this is often overlooked – and it is not uncommon for us to experience how people really implement everything perfectly: nutrition, a sports program, the right nutritional supplements, massages, detoxification, eight precisely measured hours of sleep and nothing but the best natural cosmetics. Only one thing is forgotten and simply pushed aside: your own mental inner life and the thought construct that you have built up and in which you believe.

When misfortune is suppressed

But what is the use of considering all the external details if you are really unhappy? Unhappy because you don’t get along with your partner, unhappy because you’re not valued, because you feel exploited, bored at work or being bullied and would actually do something completely different, in short: because you don’t really live life in the way you are meant.

It’s often the case that you don’t even realize how unhappy you really are. Because with the help of plenty of distractions (TV, Internet, consumption, work, drugs or other distractions), everything that doesn’t fit is successfully suppressed. Otherwise, you would have to deal with the grievances of your own life and – what is worst – change something. But that is uncomfortable. It is better to keep the misfortune that you already know so well than to embark on a journey into the new and unknown. After all, it could get even worse…

At some point, the higher self has had enough and it says to the body:

“You do something, he/she won’t listen to me!”

And the body does something. It becomes ill – to shake people awake.

Of course, it is not ONLY the dissatisfied higher self and the unfavourable living conditions that lead to illnesses and weaken the self-healing powers. Several factors usually play a role, including diet and general lifestyle. But the higher self is ALWAYS involved, and very often it is the higher self that keeps you from getting well – as long as you don’t change.

When illness is recognized as an opportunity

But some people use the disease as an opportunity. You decide to do things differently from now on. “Not with me anymore!” they say. “Now I’m living the way I’ve always wanted – even if it’s only a few weeks away!”

It is often the approaching death that is predicted by the doctors and now leads to this upheaval of life. Only now do we realize that we have no more time to lose. Now or never! Only in the face of death do we gain the courage to change something. The consequences are often overwhelming – as in the case of Lydia’s grandmother, who was diagnosed with cancer many years ago – she was around 60 years old. The cancer soon spread throughout her body and she was given three to six months to live.

Now that death was imminent, Lydia’s grandmother plucked up the courage to stand up to her husband and stop being oppressed by him. He has always been a very strict man who liked to control everyone. For example, he had forbidden his wife to make music. She wasn’t allowed to dance either.

But now she told him that he hardly wanted to tell a dying woman what to do and what not to do. They also wanted to amputate her leg, which was very badly affected by cancer. But she told her doctors that in the short time she had, she wanted to keep her leg.

She marched out of the clinic and straight into the nearest electronics store, bought a CD player and every Elvis Presley CD she could find. She loved Elvis so much. She went home and did what she had been forbidden to do for decades: she danced and danced and danced.

She was also making music herself again, something she wasn’t allowed to do for a long time. She went to the local nursing home and played Elvis songs on the piano to the residents.

Lydia’s grandmother got better and better every day. Three months passed. She didn’t die. Instead, she danced and played the piano. Six months passed without her dying. Yes, she lived for another twenty years, outlived all of Lydia’s other grandparents and finally died of cardiac arrest in her sleep. The cancer had gone into remission. It had seen no reason to stay with Lydia’s grandmother. She had solved her problem and done what she was made for: music, dance and joy in life.

And that’s exactly what had awakened her self-healing powers, which achieved something no one had ever thought possible.

When faith moves mountains

It is not just a long-overdue change in living conditions that has an enormous impact on bodily processes and the strength of self-healing powers. Your own beliefs can move mountains too.

Dr Bernie Siegel – specialist in complementary therapies for cancer – has many stories to tell about the power of belief. One patient suffered from tumors that had already reached the size of small melons. His death was expected every day. Then he learned that the clinic he was in was about to start a clinical trial of a new cancer drug. As soon as he heard about it, he became obsessed with the idea that this drug could help him too. He was absolutely convinced that this was the drug that was made for him and could save his life.

But the drug was actually only suitable for cancer in the early stages. But the man pushed the doctors so hard to give him the new anti-cancer drug that they finally did. They thought he was going to die over the weekend anyway… So on Friday he got the injection he wanted. On Monday he was still alive – and bubbly! The doctors examined him and were stunned because the tumors had melted like snow on a stovetop. Nobody could explain the miracle.

Everything went well for weeks. Then, however, the former patient read a report in the newspaper about the drug that he had believed so strongly in, unfortunately, having little or no effect on cancer. Within a short time his tumors were back. He turned up at his doctor’s office feeling hopeless. He knew about the miraculous spontaneous healing and reacted with quick-wittedness.

He told his sad patient that the newspaper report was about an older version of the drug. However, he knew that the patient had received a new and very effective version, and if he wanted to, he could inject him again. And how the patient wanted! The doctor didn’t even have the drug in his practice, so he injected the man with nothing but physiological saline. The tumors disappeared again…

Even if this story sounds very extreme and such occurrences are certainly not the order of the day, it shows how strong the power of belief can be and that it is really capable of moving tumours, not mountains.

Deepak Chopra, internist and author of numerous spiritual books, tells a similar story. A man has not had a health check in 25 years. Then he had to do it because he wanted to take out life insurance and a medical report was one of the documents required to do so.

Unfortunately, a large dark spot was discovered on one of his lungs: inoperable lung cancer was the devastating diagnosis. The man died a few months later – as prophesied by the doctors. Deepak Chopra then found an X-ray in the deceased’s file that was 25 years old. And what did he see on it? The same black mark on the lungs.

So the man had lived quite happily with his supposedly inoperable lung for at least 25 years—simply because he didn’t know what the X-ray showed. So in the end he wasn’t killed by an illness but by a diagnosis. About a diagnosis in which he firmly believed, whose truthfulness he did not doubt, which thus became his reality and finally brought him death.

When you can turn bad into good

In the last two examples, the patients do not appear to have made a conscious choice to believe in this or that. They just believed it – firmly and steadfastly. However, one’s beliefs and thoughts can be very actively influenced when one is very aware of one’s thoughts and attitudes and then is able to rotate them 180 degrees – like a patient discussed by Evans, the co-founders of OneCenter (an organization that helps people expand their spiritual potential).

A man was diagnosed with terminal cancer after undergoing 13 cancer surgeries. Now he suffered from constant pain and no longer knew what to do, because he had tried many alternatives without success. Finally, he began to meditate to at least get to know himself a little better before he had to die.

In deep meditation, he suddenly recognized the essence of life. Suddenly he was excited about the pain – and wanted more and more and more of it. He was able to turn his views and beliefs about pain 180 degrees.

He suddenly transformed something that he had previously found horrifying, cursed, and wanted gone with all his being, from now on into something wondrous and beautiful—something he couldn’t get enough of. At that moment his self-healing powers exploded and today this man is cancer-free.

When love heals

Another story is that of Ginny Walden, a professional swimmer who was diagnosed with stage III advanced breast cancer at the age of fifty. Stage III can only be surpassed by Stage IV. The latter already indicates metastases, while stage III “only” affects the breast and adjacent lymph nodes.

Ginny – cheerful in spirit – didn’t let the diagnosis spoil her spirits and looked forward to the approaching therapy with a very positive attitude. Her doctor had told her that she was facing the following: surgery plus three months of chemotherapy (in higher than normal doses), a stem cell transplant and 6,000 rads of radiation.

Ginny began praying and started acupuncture therapy before the surgery. Her acupuncture therapist also showed her a specific relaxation technique to lower her stress levels – which she did for an hour a day. She also changed her diet and started practising a special macrobiotic diet for breast cancer patients (Michio Kushi, The Cancer Prevention Diet). From now on she ate no more dairy products, no red meat, no animal fats and no more sugar.

Then she had an operation. The surgeon didn’t think much of a total operation, since cancer cells would remain in the body in any case, and therefore only removed the tumours – one the size of an orange.

When the battle against cancer threatens to become overwhelming

Ginny looked for alternatives to possibly avoid chemo, radiation and stem cell therapy. However, she found nothing that convinced her and that she could have believed in firmly. So she agreed to chemo & co.

She got through the three months of chemotherapy just fine – to the nurses’ astonishment, she had neither diarrhea nor did she suffer from nausea, had a good appetite and her blood values ​​remained normal. She believed that acupuncture and her stress reduction therapy were responsible for this positive effect.

After a short break, stem cell therapy began. Meanwhile, she recorded a cassette with just one song on it: Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and listened to it non-stop to keep her spirits up.

Stem cell transplantation is a very rigorous and dangerous procedure. First blood was taken from Ginny in order to obtain stem cells from it later and it was frozen. Then she was given high-dose chemotherapy for eight hours on two days.

It is hoped that this will destroy all cancer cells. However, since all blood cells and also all cells of the intestinal mucosa are also killed by this measure, stem cells from the frozen blood are later given into the body so that new blood cells can form again. “A great plan,” says Ginny, “but many die during the procedure.”

Ginny also became terribly nauseous, fainted twice, couldn’t eat and had constant nose and bowel bleeding. “But I laughed the whole time. It was so bizarre and so beyond my previous experience as a sane person that I couldn’t identify with what was happening.”

On the ninth day after chemotherapy, Ginny developed a fever because her WBC count was very low (below 50). She had no immune system, and any germ, no matter how small, could have killed her. So she was transferred to the isolation ward of the clinic.

The doctors told her that she had to stay here for 1.5 to 2 months. Because that’s how long it would take for a reasonably functioning immune system to build up again.

Of course, Ginny wasn’t allowed to have any visitors, because anyone would have brought bacteria or other germs to the isolation ward and thus endangered Ginny’s life. So she was alone all the time.

When a miracle happens

When a miracle happens

One evening at 10 p.m., all was quiet, she went into the small bathroom. She looked in the mirror and saw something that bore a striking resemblance to Tweety the cartoon canary. “I had lost all my hair for the second time, was 12 pounds lighter, pale as a ghost and my eyes were deep dark sockets. At that moment a miracle happened!

I saw myself when I was two months old. My mother was unable to love me unconditionally. She treated me badly and often just threw me down instead of lovingly putting me to bed.

What happens to the fear of such a child? Where is the fear going? Does she stay in the cells of the little human? And stays there until one day someone comes along to give him the love he needs so much? I believe that this was the real cause of my illness. Because no one would love me as a mother should have. Only Myself. And so, at that moment, I gave myself all the love that little Ginny had once longed for. I suddenly felt such deep compassion for my battered body. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I lay in the bathtub and bathed gently and lovingly, just as a mother bathes her child. I stroked my skin with the warm bath sponge with so much love and compassion.

Afterwards, I felt lighter and very happy. I went to bed and said to the universe:

“I know I will get through this and when I get through this, I will help others to get well. There are so many people who are suffering from cancer treatments. I want to help them. That is the meaning of my life and him will come true!”

In the morning I woke up energetic and happy. I danced around the small room and sang “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. The nurse came as every morning to take my blood. Shortly thereafter, a doctor appeared to compare the new readings with yesterdays. He threw his hands up in the sky and shouted “WHAT?”. All the sisters rushed over and listened to him: “Yesterday your white blood cell count was 600, today it’s 13,000. How can that be?” Never before have we seen such rapid development. The next day it was 22,000 and I was sent home.

Instead of the prophesied 1.5 to 2 months, I was only on the ward for 4 days.”

When self-healing happens through thought and mental power

What do all these stories tell us? They show that healing can happen in many different ways, that everyone decides for themselves what their personal path should look like, and they show that the self-healing powers are particularly activated and healing happens especially

  1. when people believe unshakably
  2. when people change their attitude, their thoughts, their perspectives and then their lives
  3. when people give love – to others or themselves.

So they show that mental power can heal and is an important component of any therapy, whether holistic or not. You can use this mental power for yourself at any time. You do not need the help or permission of your doctor to do this. You don’t even have to talk about it. The important thing is that you know about this power. Because it is in each of us and just waiting to be used!

If you too have experienced self-healing

Of course, self-healing (or in the case of relapsing illnesses also standstill/permanent freedom from relapses) is not only possible with cancer, but also with many diseases that are often described as incurable, e.g. rheumatism, arthrosis, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, Hashimoto, COPD, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, back pain,  chronic pain and many other complaints.

If you too have experienced self-healing, we would be very happy if you send us your experience report so that we can publish it on our website and give many other people courage and confidence.

In our clinic, we have seen many people turn around hopeless. For example, people who have been told that they need to take colonoscopy preparations twice a week for the rest of their life, so that they can go to the toilet. Who, with our help, are now enjoying regular bowel motions. Of course, we can’t perform miracles – but we can give you hope.

Self Healing

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