Health Retreat, Day Spa, Drug Rehab

Health Retreat

Heath retreats usually provide patients with accommodation and diet, along with facilities and treatments intended to improve health and well being. However these services vary depending on the type of facility and its location. Cost also varies widely depending on the type and regularity of treatment regimes.

Day Spa

Day Spa

Throughout history affluent members of society flocked to baths and beauty salons for health and beauty treatments all designed to promote longevity and vitality. In modern times we call this social phenomena a day spa. Mostly this term has become commonplace because people usually visit these facilities during the course of one day with no over night accommodation available. Spas which offer overnight accommodation or health and diet regimes are called destination spas or resort spas.

The word spa is synonymous with water and invariably day spas have some sort of baths, steam room or sauna, or all three. Some exclusive spas in the Mediterranean offer volcanic and mud baths which tout rejuvenating mineral treatments.

Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab

Drug rehabilitation is more of a service than a modality designed to enable patients who have formed dependency on drugs or alcohol, this includes prescription drugs. The rehabilitation often involves a number of practitioners from a range of modalities.

Medication for the knock on effects of stopping dependency. Counselling for trauma and teaching patients terminology that recognises and describes the process that they wish to cease, have developed as a primary means of dealing with dependency related illnesses.

Meditation and group interaction also play a role in the rehabilitative process and help patients to reflect upon their past actions with the intent of forgiveness for themselves and others. Drug rehabilitation is a highly regulated process, staffed mostly by registered and credentialed medical industry professionals.

Many alternative healing modalities are employed by individuals in addition to the mandated program in order to assist the process like, acupuncture, essential oils or Ayurveda.

Health Retreat

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"The colonics at Vitalis are just the best. I love the attention, caring and pampering experience. From the ayurvedic belly massage to the hand and foot reflexology and the ever so gentle flow of water. The depth of release I experience on all levels every time is incredible. Being a yoga teacher I like to treat my body as a temple and internal cleansing will always be part of this."

Suzi S., Byron Bay

“The level of service you provide is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism. And I love flying in from Germany to see you. Thank you!”

Inge Lorenz, Germany

The colonic was one of the best experience I’ve ever had. Ela was absolutely fantastic. She is very gentle and really professional. I was feeling at ease knowing I was in perfect hands at that time. Later on I was given some good advice about a liver cleanse.

Stephanie M., Tweed Heads