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Reiki is non-invasive, completely benign healing technique for the purpose of embracing and incorporating the Higher Intelligence that guides the creation and function of our universe. The idea that the universe is infinite in nature, and is an all knowing force is at the core of this ancient healing modality. Practitioners of Reiki believe that this non-physical energy pervades every part of our universe with its continuous and infinite flow of energy and that it animates all living things.

Reiki is simply a non-physical healing energy made up of life force energy. This energy is guided by a Higher Intelligence that influences the flow of this energy to where it is needed in the patient. With the intended outcome of creating the correct healing conditions needed to address the patients ailment.

Many practitioners believe that the quality of ones thoughts and feelings affect their health and well being. That our negative thoughts and feelings are the main cause of blockages that inhibit the free flow of energy and since this energy can not be guided by the power of the mind; the practitioner of this ancient healing modality must assist patients by unblocking stagnant energy fields. This in turn opens the patient up to receiving this guiding force of energy.

The main techniques utilised by the Reiki practitioner is to consciously assist the flow of energy through a sick or unhealthy area, breaking up and washing away any negative thoughts or feelings that are lodged in the unconscious mind/body. This in turn creates space for a normal healthy flow of energy. That during this process, balance is returned, which in turn nourishes the unhealthy physical organs and tissues. Allowing them to return to normal function and ultimately over time, replacing illness with health.

Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch

Quantum-Touch is a healing modality that deals with the reduction of pain caused by imbalances in the body. At the core of this ancient practice is the idea that a body in balance is more effective on every level. Maintaining current health healing or improving health is all achieved with ease when the body is in balance spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Through a series of techniques which teach the focus, amplification and direction of the life force energies an increased flow of energy in the body can be achieved. Which in turn increases the bodies natural healing ability promoting optimal wellness.

The main focus of the Quantum-Touch practitioner is to realign the bodies structure, balancing the organs, glands and neural systems in order reduce muscle aches, pain from injuries and so much more.

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch

The Therapeutic touch practitioner is trained to utilise energy from divine sources and transfer this energy through the hands of the practitioner. Through this transference the patients own energy field is altered and a better more healthful state of being is established in the patient. Empowering them to use the bodies own natural healing system in a more effective way.

Practitioners vary widely in their application of this technique and it is said that some practitioners utilise techniques which have been passed on through generations. Best practice models for this modality incorporate a variety of other modalities and many practitioners are cross trained in kinesiology, naturopathy, iridology, massage and a number of other treatment regimes. Often this cross training is more of an assessment tool to identify blockages and specifically align them with issues in the bodies own matrix supplying clear target areas for treatment.

Therapeutic touch can be used in conjunction with other therapies to enhance outcomes.



The Ohashi Institute has offered worldwide education in energy bodywork and self-improvement for 36 years. It is a non-profit, international organization founded by Wataru Ohashi in1974 in New York City. Over the years, the Ohashi Institute programs have been established in several countries, where there are Certified Instructors and Consultants, who offer the complete program and private instruction in several languages. The courses, developed to improve the health and well-being of the giver and the receiver, offer lecture, exercises, meditation, and hands-on training.

Ohashiatsu is a wellness modality that centres around energetic body work for the purpose of helping patients to become more relaxed, focused and avoid fatigue or injury. Often conducted in workshops patients use various techniques on one another to achieve an enlightened state where the energy system of your body can be transformed into a smooth flowing well regulated system of integrated functionality giving more strength and flexibility to the body.

Metamorphic Technique

Metamorphic Technique

At the core of this healing modality Metamorphic Technique relies on the natural state of metamorphosis as the model for growth and change. That this state of being is a state which affects all forms of life and as humans we probably go through more metamorphic cycles than any other being on earth.

The Metamorphic Technique practitioner uses a gentle touch technique applied to the head , hands and feet as a way of directing life force energy though out the body. This is done in order to create an environment where illness and the symptoms of injury or malady can be transformed into energy and allowed to flow through the body and disperse. Patients are encouraged to release old habits or gradually let go of past hurts and any other resentments or feelings which are harmful and detract from health and well being.

Polarity Therapy

More energy and confidence and improvements in physical, mental and emotional health are the by product of this transformational healing practice. People often report significant changes in the way they see life and how they feel and think about themselves; in many cases they experience a growing sense of purpose and inner strength. It seems people may feel drawn to the Metamorphic Technique to create more of what they need in their lives, both as individuals and in the world as a whole. Some people have described it like ‘coming home to themselves’.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is a energy-based healing system that includes bodywork, exercise, and lifestyle choices that advance the restoration and maintenance of the energy flow throughout the body. This therapy is underpinned by the concept that all energy within the human body is based in electromagnetic force and that disease results from improperly dissipated energy.

Polarity therapy is designed to unblock and recharge the life force flow of energy in the body and is realign unbalanced energy as a means of eliminating disease.


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"The colonics at Vitalis are just the best. I love the attention, caring and pampering experience. From the ayurvedic belly massage to the hand and foot reflexology and the ever so gentle flow of water. The depth of release I experience on all levels every time is incredible. Being a yoga teacher I like to treat my body as a temple and internal cleansing will always be part of this."

Suzi S., Byron Bay

“The level of service you provide is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism. And I love flying in from Germany to see you. Thank you!”

Inge Lorenz, Germany

The colonic was one of the best experience I’ve ever had. Ela was absolutely fantastic. She is very gentle and really professional. I was feeling at ease knowing I was in perfect hands at that time. Later on I was given some good advice about a liver cleanse.

Stephanie M., Tweed Heads