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The modern Tarot practitioner provides patients with divine wisdom derived from reading meaning into the images and representations contained within a series of displayed cards.

These cards find their roots in the 18th century when regular playing cards were adapted by spiritualists and occultists to divine information about a persons work, love, finances, health, spirituality, future or to make contact with those who exist only in the spiritual realm like lost loved ones.

Each of cards in the set have specific meanings individually and multiple meanings in conjunction with other cards. A common tarot reading uses multiple cards and many occultists have used the cards to guide their actions and the actions of others in order to manifest prophecy or guide ones destiny.

A deck is set up much like modern playing cards with 78 cards in total; 56 cards in the minor arcana Ace,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,Page,Knight,Queen and King. With the suits being Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands and the remaining 22 cards being the major arcana. The major arcana represents characters like the Fool and the Magician or concepts like Justice and the wheel of fortune.

No tarot meaning is definitive but instead are meant to act as inspiration. They are meant to make you think. These interpretations are meant as a guideline. Much like astrology which requires the user to intuitively feel that the predictions or descriptions of the reader are right. That they resonate.

It is said that Tarot readings can be a helpful tool for those who have doubts or need divine guidance.



The core belief of astrology is that the positions of the stars and planetary movements have an influence on the behaviour of people and events. That because of this, our lives and future events can be charted and one can prepare for predictable outcomes.

Astrological reasoning breaks down the night sky into 12 sectors, each sector representing a complete cycle of the moon. Each cycle creates an astral constellation and forms an identity associated with that constellation with specific characteristics. These astrological traits are then passed on to individuals and strongly influence those born during the constellations cycle of seasonal prominence.


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